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Solomon Islands Airports

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The Solomon Islands only international airport is Honiara International Airport (HIR), formally known as Henderson Field. Currently, the only international services to Honiara are from Brisbane, Nadi, Port Vila and Port Moresby. The aviation industry in the Solomon Islands is very limited, due to low passenger movements and poor economic development. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Solomon Islands (CAASI) is the authority in charge of aviation matters in the country and responsible for management of the airports.

Honiara International and Munda Airport are the only airports with paved runways. Munda airport on New Georgia Island can accommodate international flights.  Currently there are no scheduled international flights into Munda however permission for International flights to Munda can be arranged through  CAASI.

There are 33 other airports with unpaved (mainly corral rock) runways throughout the islands,  Gizo, Shege, Fera (Ysabel) Auki, Kirakira, and Lata can handle smaller aircrafts such as Dash 8’s.  Most of the runways are still operational after heavy rain as the coral rock provides a solid landing base.

For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links:

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Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

Aircraft operating for less than 28 days in the Solomon Islands do not require registration.

Exemption from registration for aircraft operating longer than 28 days is possible at the discretion of the Director of CAASI. This will generally be given for the purposes of humanitarian aid

Registration of aircraft in the civil aircraft register in Solomon Islands can only be done if the aircraft is to be operated in the Solomon Islands. This will require meeting their maintenance procedure, operational management capability, crew and the purpose of operation. They do NOT register aircraft for the purpose of just registration. They recognize the state of the registry of the aircraft. Documentation for registration of aircraft is also depending on where the aircraft is manufacture (Very important). They usually leave the foreign aircraft register alone because it takes time and money to conduct registration. The exemption can only be given under national disaster situation.

-  From The Director Of CAASI