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Madagascar Airports

Key airport information may also be found at:

Madagascar aviation sector is under the supervision Transport Ministry and under the regulatory authority of the ACM (Aviation Civile de Madagascar).


Madagascar is part of the ASECNA (Agence pour la Sécurité de la Navigation Aérienne en Afrique et à Madagascar) which is giving support for the air security and navigation.

Madagascar has a large airports network with 126 airports divided in 3 categories:

-       56 open public airports (under the supervision of ADEMA or Ravinala Airports)

-       27 public restricted airports (under the supervision of privates companies or local administrations)

-       43 Private airports

 Out of these 56 open public airports, only 10 are served by daily flights and 24 are able to provide AFIS (Airport Flight Information Service).

-       6 provide international and domestic flights with AFIS support (Antananarivo, Nosy be, Mahajanga, Antsiranana, Toamasina and Sainte Marie)

-       4 provide only domestic flights with AFIS support (Sambava, Tolagnaro, Morondava, Toliara)

-       14 are considered as secondary and provide AFIS support even if there are no regular flights (Vohemar, Antalaha, Antsohihy, Maroantstra, Manananara, Ambatondrazaka, Maintirano, Tsiroanomandidy, Antsirabe, Morombe, Fianarantsoa, Mananjary, Manakara, Farafangana, Morombe)

-       32 are secondary without AFIS support

The regulatory authority for civil aviation is ACM (Aviation Civil de Madagascar)

International flights

Being an island, Madagascar communicates with the outside mainly by air and sea. Several, Malagasy and foreign airlines ensure a regular service of the country at regional and international level.

The national airline Air Madagascar occupied for several years a monopoly status in the Malagasy air transport until the opening of the sector.

Since then, it shares the international air transport market with other foreign airlines with regular flights to Paris, Marseille, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Bangkok and Guangzhou in China. For the regional destination, Madagascar is connected with to South Africa, Kenya, Mayotte, Moroni, Mauritius and Reunion.

The companies providing international/regional flights are:

  • Air France (AF)                                                
  •  Ethiopian Airlines (ET)                                    
  • Air Seychelles (HM)                                         
  • Kenya Airways (KQ)                                         
  • Air Madagascar (MD)                                      
  • South African Airways (SA)                              
  •  Air Mauritius
  • Corsair International
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air Austral
  • Meridiana Fly
  • EWA Air

Non Commercial Operators

After a disaster (cyclones and/or floods) vast areas are cut-off and not accessible anymore by normal means.

Planes and helicopters are then needed for :

  • Assessment missions
  • Humanitarian response

The East Coast is regularly hit by cyclones and in that area 50% of villages might be cut off.

Experience has shown that small planes of 8-9 seats capacity are often requested for assessment missions, as well as helicopters when landing is needed in areas with no airstrip.

Apart from commercial air operators (listed above), two operators are NGOs and therefore not appearing on the ACM list :

  • Helimission (two helicopters) > Christian NGO and dedicated to missionary and relief agencies, Helimission is based in Antananarivo since 1994, and has for mission to provide helicopter assistance to reach remote and inaccessible areas in order to supply them with food, medicine and building materials.
  • MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) > Christian based organisation, MAF is operating in Madagascar for over 27 years to access remote communities, serving local church groups, missionaries, NGO’s, development and relief agencies, and government embassies/ministries. Their fleet is made of 1 Cesna 182 SMA and Cessna 208 Caravan and they can provide flights on demand to almost all the areas of Madagascar on a cost recovery system.

  • ASF (Aviation Sans Frontière) > Fully dedicated to humanitarian actors, they are actually working in the south punctually in a partnership with a French NGO on nutrition projects but wish to extend their activities in Madagascar.For the moment ASF is not owning any aircraft in Madagascar is able to rent planes which are matching with the partner activities and provide experienced pilots. They can provide free or low costs services depending the partnership.  Their fleet is made of 2 helicopter “Ecureuil”. Eurocopter AS 350 BA (max 5 passengers or 600 Kg depending the distance). They can provide flights on demand to almost all the areas of Madagascar, asking for a voluntary financial contribution to the costs incurred.

  • HoverAid: No profit organization, Hoveraid is providing support to humanitarian actors through the provision of Hovercraft. Hoveraid is actually present in HoverAid working in Beroroha, Ankavandra, Sahakavo, Ampasinambo and Miandrivazo district on medical project and community health education.  These companies normally give good service and competitive rates during emergencies. In case of major disaster, bigger helicopters might be needed, like MI-8, as well as cargo planes. UNHAS will normally assist in looking for helicopters and planes. Another option will be to contract private air operators from RSA.

When vast areas are flooded, deliveries of humanitarian aid has to be done by boat, but hovercrafts might be an option too :

  • HoverAid (two hovercrafts located in Ivato - Antananarivo)
  • Helimission operates 2 Eurocopter 350 BA – Ecureuil  (Capacity : 5 pax or 600 kg)

    *Helicopter operation requirementsTo use efficiently big helicopters, destinations (village) should be identified by GPS coordinates. If needed, CPC can collect coordinates using ULM.

Fuel Services

 TOTAL Aviation is the only supplier of Jet-A1 and Avgas in Madagascar. They have depots and can provide fuel in 13 airports in Madagascar.

 In case of air operation far from their stock, Total cannot pre-position sealed drums of Jet-A1 and provide a manual pump as written in the previous LCA for new procedure implementation reason. 

For more information on fuel services, please see the following attachments: Aviation refuelling location and contacts

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

When an aircraft is hired abroad, a Landing Permit has to be requested to ACM.


Documents to be given to ACM:

Request has to be done on paper to the ACM and to the General Direction of Customs specifying:

- Registration of origin;

- Manufacturer, type and serial number of the device;

- Owner of the device;

- Identity of the Operation and contract of exploitation is not the owner

- Type of activity envisaged;

- Duration of admission;

- Estimated arrival date

- Compliance with RAM 4000;

- Navigating Personnel Information and copies of licenses and qualifications. (in case of Temporary Admission);

The application (owner or his representative) may request a temporary or permanent admission, depending on the duration of use of the device in Madagascar.

Immigration formalities

Can be done upon arrival, at Ivato airport. ACM will normally exempt UN of any taxes for emergency operation (request letter to ACM).

For more information on government agency contact information, please see the following links: 

 4.1 Madagascar Government Contact List