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Lebanon Aviation 

Lebanon Airports

Key airport information may also be found at:

 Website of Worldaerodata on Lebanon

4.1 Lebanon Government Contact List

Further information on the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority can be found in the following document:

Lebanon Aviation Additional Information

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

Lebanese Civil Aviation has established some procedures for foreign registered aircrafts, as follows:

Authorization Process

All Foreign Operators or representatives requesting flight authorizations shall submit supporting documents, demonstrating compliance to the established Lebanese CAA requirements prior the conduct of such flights;
Application documents shall be accompanied by a covering letter clearly stating the intent, route, purpose or activities of the requested flight (s);
All Flight Authorizations shall be coordinated under the direct responsibility of LCAA Chief Air Transport;
LCAA/FSD personnel should not process any requests unless such requests are duly registered and originate from LCAA Air Transport Department.

Application Instructions

Foreign Operators requesting authorization for a flight or series of flights, shall submit documented evidence, indicating compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Copy of current aircraft journey and technical logbook indicating latest operational and maintenance entries;
  2. Copy of valid Air Operator Certificate and associated operational specifications;
  3. Copy of valid aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness;
  4. Copy of valid aircraft Certificate of Registration;
  5. Copy of valid Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) Certificate responsible for the latest maintenance activity on the aircraft;
  6. Copy of most recent aircraft inspection report;
  7. Evidence of valid insurance coverage as applicable for the intended operation;
  8. Conformity statement that the flight crew meets ICAO language and AIP Lebanon requirements;
  9. Copies of valid flight crew licenses;
  10. Maintenance conformity certification issued by a qualify maintenance engineer or manager responsible for the aircraft, that the aircraft is airworthy and in a safe and serviceable condition for the intended flight or series of flights; and
  11. Any additional information as deemed necessary by the Lebanese CAA;

Further information on Purpose, Scope, Exemptions etc. of these procedures can be found in the following document:

Lebanon Aviation Additional Information