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Chad Airports

Chad Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) is in charge of defining the country’s air transport policy, including security and safety matters and granting of authorization of over flight and landing.

It determines the amount of the development license fixed per aircraft and per passenger. United Nations aircrafts are not subjected to payment of these taxes. 

In addition, the CCAA role includes: 

  • To supervise and promote aviation activities in Chad in order to ensure safety and security.
  • Airport Facilities development planning
  • Civil Aviation Authorities (OACI, ASECNA, UIT…) follow-up
  • Respect of competition’s rules
  • Civil Aviation law enforcement measures follow-up

ASECNA is in charge of air navigation safety/assistance and the providing of meteorological information at the running international and airports. For the other/domestic airports, these activities are performed by the Chadian Civil Aviation Authority.

Chad has 53 airports of a different size and importance designated as follow:

9 have paved runways of which the sizes are:

From 2,437 m to 3,047 m

5 (Moundou, Ndjamena, Abeche, Amdjarass, Faya)

From 1,524 m to 2,437 m

3 (Ati, Koumra, Mao)

Under 914 m

1 (Bol)

44 others have unpaved runways:

From 2,437 m to 3,047 m

1 (Kalaït, )

From 1,524 m to 2,437 m


From 914 m to 1,524 m


Under 914 m

11 (estimation 2013)

One airport has international rank and capacity in Ndjamena the capital of the country.

Five are considered as secondary airports in Abeche, Moundou, Amdjarass, Faya and Sarh

small size airports with unpaved runways are considered as emergency airports.

However, the main international airport is Ndjamena followed by Abeche and Moundou airports which receive traffic from time to time beside UNHAS.

Chad Additional Airport Information 

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

In this country, the following requirements need to be applied, presented and approved before preposition of foreign registered aircraft: There are two types of Authorization Request: the punctual and the long term.

Chad Foreign Registered Aircraft Authorization Request Forms

All private and non-scheduled commercial aircraft overflying or landing for commercial or non-commercial purposes must request prior permission from the Minister of External Relations and from the Director of Civil Aviation, both in N’djamena, Chad, at least 10 working days prior to departure. It is advisable, if possible, to provide itinerary earlier. Clearance will not be granted more than 48-24 hours before the requested overflight and/or landing. Requestor should follow up directly with Civil Aviation no earlier than 72 hours before planned overflight. All requests must be submitted in duplicate and all approvals must have the concurrence of the Ministry of External Relations if it is United Nations aircrafts.

All application must include:

  • Type of aircraft.
  • Registration of aircraft.
  • Name of pilot.
  • Number of crew.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Origin of aircraft.
  • Destination of aircraft.
  • Airport of stopover.
  • Airport of exit.
  • Nature of cargo.
  • Date of entry and departure.
  • Purpose of visit.
  • Services required.

It should however be mentioned that for UN chartered aircrafts, it is possible to have the necessary clearances within  24 hours as a matter of urgency.

Key airport information may also be found atWorld Aero Data information on Chad

For information on Chad airport contact details, please see the following link: 

4.4 Chad Airport Company Contact List