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Cambodia Airports

Key airport information may also be found at:

Responsibility for regulation of civil aviation has been based in different ministries of the Government of Cambodia, finally evolving into the present regulatory agency, the State Secretariat for Civil Aviation, which reports directly to the Council of Ministers.

Cambodia Airport increased its capital expenditure programme to approximately USD 250 million for the next five years. The airport operator is undertaking terminal expansion projects at Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap Airport and Sihanoukville Airport, ensuring the facilities have sufficient capacity until at least 2022/23.

For information on Cambodia Airports details, please see the following documents: 4.5 Cambodia Airport Company Contact List .

Cambodia General Aeronautical Information

Cambodia General Conditions of use of Cambodia Airports

For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links:  4.1 Cambodia Government Contact List .

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

The following requirements need to be presented and approved before propositioning of foreign registered aircrafts. The approval is obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority of Cambodia. 

  1. Letter of request from organization;
  2. MOU between organization and Ministry of Foreign Affair;
  3. Aircraft details.

For information on additional details on procedures for foreign registered aircraft, please see the following document: 

Cambodia Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

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