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Port Overview

The port of Myeik consists of four wharfs managed by the Myanma Port Authority (MPA).

The largest is Yaw Gyi Wa port. This is one jetty with two water barges of 73m (240 ft) length by 6m (20 ft) wide. It has a maximum draft of 3.4m (11ft) at low tide and 6.4m (21ft) at high tide and the maximum vessel size is 1500 GRT, about 75m (250ft) length. The jetty is used for general cargo as well as by private passenger boats that provide regular service to villages along the coast and on the islands.

The port of Myeik has three other jetties controlled by the MPA: Seik Nge of two barges total 73m (240ft) by 6m (20ft), maximum draft 1.8m (6ft) at low tide, 4.9m (16ft) at high tide, maximum vessel size 500 GRT. Nauk Le no.1, which has two wooden jetties. Nauk Le no. 2 is a concrete jetty of 29m (96ft) by 11m (36ft) wide. Nauk Le no. 1 and no. 2 have the same draft and maximum vessel size as Seik Nge. Fishing boats predominantly use Nauk Le no. 1 and no. 2.

Five star shipping line has a regular service, three times per month, from Yangon-Myeik-Kawthoung of a combined cargo-passenger ship of 1500 GRT. There are no tug-boats, but there is a pilot service available. Pilot service is only required for foreign vessels that are not familiar with the port. The port of Myeik has several more private wooden jetties along Myeik island and on Pahtaw-pahtet island (facing Myeik) that are used by private fishery businesses. The port of Myeik is significantly larger and more active as the ports of Dawei and Mawlamyine.

Port website:  There is no website available.

Port Location and Contacts



Province or District


Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km)

Name : Myeik

km: 0 km

Port's Complete Name

Port of Myeik





Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation)

Myanma Port Authority (MPA)

Management Contact Person

U Ye Naing Oo, Phone: 09- 4100 5542

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport Name: Myeik Airport

Airlines: Domestic airlines, see Myeik airport details

Port Pictures


Description and Contacts of Key Companies

4.4 Myanmar Port and Waterways Company Contact List

There are no key companies available for stevedoring, freight forwarding or cargo handling.

The Myanma Port Authority, The Customs department and the Township Labour Exchange Office for daily labourers are the main organisations active.

Port Performance

There are no seasonal constraints, access to the port is restricted only in case of winds up over 65 km/hr (40 mi/hr). There is no congestion at the port; average waiting time is only 1 to 2 hours to berthing. 

Seasonal Constraints

Yes / No

Rainy Season


Major Import Campaigns




Handling Figures

Year 2013

Vessel Calls

339 foreign vessel
286 local vessels

Container Traffic (TEUs)


Handling Figures Bulk and Break Bulk

Year 2013

Bulk (MT)

77,734 MT for Domestic import
87,517 MT for Foreign import

Break bulk (MT)

106,817 MT for Domestic export
2,053,103 MT for Foreign export

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

Terminal handling charges depend on the length of the ship: 500 MMK per 25ft length of ship, per day. Plus a charge per cargo: 200 MMK per MT loaded or unloaded (MPA, Dec. 2014). These rates are standard for all ports within the Tanintharyi division; they may vary for other states and divisions.

Berthing Specifications

There is no fuel bunker service available, for fuel the vessels need to go to the jetty of MPPE, which is next to the Phyu Chaing wharf. Liquid cargo can be transferred ship-to-ship to barges, and from the barges to bowsers or tank trucks. Only the MPPE jetty has the capacity to offload fuel. Private companies provide fresh water, which is delivered by trucks in drums.


Type of Berth


Length (m)

Width (m)

Maximum Draft (m)

Jetty+ water barges

1: Yaw Gyi Wa



3.4 low / 6.4 high

Jetty+ water barges

2: Seik Nge



1.8 low / 4.9 high

Conventional Berth

3: Nauk Le (1)

6 + 6


1.8 low / 4.9 high

Conventional Berth

4: Nauk Le (2)



1.8 low / 4.9 high

Container Berth





Silo Berth





Berthing Tugs





Water barges





General Cargo Handling Berths

Cargo Type

Berth Identification

Imports - Bagged Cargo

Yaw Gyi Wa+ Seik Nge

Exports - Bagged Cargo

Yaw Gyi Wa+ Seik Nge

Imports and Exports - RoRo


Other Imports


Port Handling Equipment

No port handling equipment available. Only manual labour.



(Yes / No)

Dockside Crane


Container Gantries


Mobile Cranes




RoRo Tugmaster (w/ Trailer)


Grain Elevator w/ Bagging Machines






Container Facilities

There is no container handling facility available.

Customs Guidance

Customs office is available at the Yaw Gyi Wa port, operating at normal office hours, but can be available 24hrs for emergencies. Customs clearance process takes about 1 day. The Customs head office is in downtown Myeik next to the Myanma Port authority office.

1.3 Myanmar Customs Information

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal

There is no multipurpose handling facility available.

Grain and Bulk Handling

There is no specific grain and bulk handling facility available, nor bagging facilities.

Main Storage Terminal

There are four warehouses controlled by MPA, close to Yaw Gyi Wa port. These warehouses are all rented out to private companies. Near Nauk Le no.1 there is one warehouse controlled by MPA, there are no warehouses near Seik Nge and Nauk Le no.2. 

Storage Type

Number of Storage Facilities

Area (square meters)

Bagged Cargo



Refrigerated Cargo

Privately owned by fishery business


General Cargo

5 owned by MPA

5x 300 sqm

25mx12m each


There is no specific stevedoring company available. Daily labourers must take care of loading and unloading. The Township Labour Exchange Office, under control of the ministry of labour, is able to provide daily labourers for the port. There is a capacity of about 60-70 labourers, organised by the Township Labour Exchange Office. The port authority can assist with sourcing daily workers.

Hinterland Information

Most cargo is moved to small ships (max 100 GRT) for onwards transport, by private boat owners. Landing vessels could carry more cargo, depending on the tide. There are no road transport companies, only private trucks (up to 20x 15MT trucks can be available). Inland Water Transport is not active in Myeik, but there are several private companies offering passenger services to many villages along the coast and on the Tanintharyi river, Yaw gyi Chaung river and northern river.

Port Security

Port security is managed by police staff, 3 staff day and night at Yaw Gyi Wa. The area is fenced and access is controlled through a gate. However, many people walk in and out uncontrolled, to access the private passenger vessels at the same jetty. The level of security is low.


ISPS Compliant

(Yes / No)


Current ISPS Level


Level 1 = Normal, Level 2 = Heightened, Level 3 = Exceptional

Police Boats



Fire Engines