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  • The Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy islands and islets off the western coast of Sumatra where Siberut (4,030 km²) is the largest of these islands.
  • The other major islands are Sipura, North Pagai (Pagai Utara) and South Pagai (Pagai Selatan). These islands lie approximately 150 km off the Sumatran coast, across the Mentawai Strait.

  • The Mentawai Islands have been administered as a regency within the West Sumatra province since 1999.

  • The regency (district) capital is Tua Pejat, on the island of Sipora.

  • The regency is divided into ten districts:

  1. South Pagai

  2. Sikakap

  3. North Pagai

  4. South Sipora

  5. North Sipora

  6. South Siberut

  7. South West Siberut

  8. Middle Siberut

  9. North Siberut

  10. West Siberut


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