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Port Overview

Thandwe is a city in Rakkhine state. Most people prefer transport of cargo by road because the port is located far from Thandwe downtown. The main wharf of Thandwe port is the Tha Pyu Chain wharf and it is about 43km or 3 hours from Thandwe via a very bad road. (There are several small bridges on the way, some broken down with road diversions).

In addition there is Jade Taw jetty at Ngapali beach near Thandwe town, but this is small and unsuitable for larger cargo vessels. Cargo vessels normally use Tha Pyu Chaing wharf and then the cargo is shipped to Jade Taw by small boats. Jade Taw is 30 minutes from Tha Pyu Chaing by waterway. The draft of Jade Taw port is 3m (10 ft) at high tide and 1.8m (6 ft) at low tide. A third option is a wooden jetty at Kim Hmaw village, about 8km from Thandwe. It has a maximum draft of 2.1m (7 ft), accessible by CB vessel.

Port website:  there is no website available.

Port Location and Contacts



Province or District

Rakhine State

Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km)

Name : Thandwe

km: 43 km

Port's Complete Name

Thandwe port,
Tha Pyu Chain wharf





Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation)

Myanma Port Authority

Management Contact Person

U Tin Htun Aung,
Port Officer,09 8516001

Tha Pyu Chaing Village,Tha Pyu Chaing Port

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport Name:  
Thandwe airport

Airlines:  n/a


Port Pictures


Tha Pyu Chaing wharf (2 Concrete Jetties with a Floating Buoy)


Description and Contacts of Key Companies

4.2.3 Myanmar Port and Waterways Company Contact List

There are no key companies available for stevedoring, freight forwarding or cargo handling. According to Myanmar Port Authority (MPA), daily laborers are not available at Pyu Chaing wharf for cargo loading and offloading.

Port Performance

Tha Pyu Chaing wharf has two concrete jetties with floating type buoy. The maximum draft is about 6.1m (20 ft) at high tide and 5.5m (18ft) at low tide. Due to access restrictions and lack of daily workers this wharf should be considered only as a back-up option when cargo can’t be transported by road to Thandwe. Myanma Five Star shipping Line used this wharf 10 years ago, but not anymore. Currently it is privatized and used by some fishing businesses. There is no container handling capacity. 

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

Unknown, contact Port Authority for details.

Berthing Specifications

Type of Berth


Length (m)

Width (m)

Maximum Draft (m)

Conventional berth

2 *




Conventional berth




2.1 (Kim Hmaw jetty)

Container Berth





Silo Berth





Berthing Tugs





Water Barges





* Tha Pyu Chaing wharf: 2 concrete jetties.

General Cargo Handling Berths

Cargo Type

Berth Identification

Imports - Bagged Cargo

Tha Pyu Chaing wharf

Exports - Bagged Cargo

Tha Pyu Chaing wharf

Imports and Exports - RoRo


Other Imports

Tha Pyu Chaing wharf

Port Handling Equipment

No port handling equipment available. Limited manual labour available.



(Yes / No)

Dockside Crane


Container Gantries


Mobile Cranes




RoRo Tugmaster (w/ Trailer)


Grain Elevator w/ Bagging Machines






Container Facilities

There is no container handling facility available.

Customs Guidance

There is no customs office available.

1.3 Myanmar Customs Information

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal

There is no multipurpose handling facility available.

Grain and Bulk Handling

There is no specific grain and bulk handling facility available, nor bagging facilities.

Main Storage Terminal

There are no storage facilities available at Tha Pyu Chaing wharf.

At Kim Hmaw jetty there are eight warehouses that are owned by the Department of Trade Promotion. Some warehouses are still in good condition and some are not.

Storage Type

Number of Storage Facilities

Area (square meters)

Bagged Cargo

6 x DOTP

6 x 950 sqm

2 x 500 sqm

Refrigerated Cargo



General Cargo

8 x DOTP

6 x 950 sqm

2 x 500 sqm


There is no specific stevedoring company available. According to Myanmar Port Authority (MPA), daily laborers are not available at Pyu Chaing wharf for cargo loading and offloading.

Hinterland Information

There are no local transport companies available and there is no railroad connection to the port. Small boats can carry cargo from Tha Pyu Chaing wharf to Jade Taw jetty.

Port Security

There is no port security and no perimeter fencing.


ISPS Compliant

(Yes / No)



Current ISPS Level


Level 1 = Normal, Level 2 = Heightened, Level 3 = Exceptional

Police Boats


Fire Engines