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Key port information can also be found at: Maritime-database information for Nicaragua Ports


The Port of San Juan del Sur is a marina located 70 kilometers from Managua. According to the assessment made this port does not have the conditions for imports of food, since the government is in the process of implementing a project to the attention of the cruise.

The area where the wineries are located will be removed for the construction of a craft market.

The National Port Enterprise (EPN), expand the facilities of the Port of San Juan del Sur, in the department of Rivas, which allow the flow of tourists in the boarding and deplaning faster.

USD 2.9 million will be invested in remodeling, whose works begin this year and will last between 14 and 16 months. The project includes the construction of five buildings, a crafts market, recreational and commercial areas.

There will also be a craft market, recreational areas, commercial premises on the ground floor, and a bar on the first floor, offices and restrooms, a lobby, 20 parking areas for taxis, 12 parking spaces for tour buses 10 bungalows (small houses) with 15 parking a breakwater and finally a place to meet.

The berthing capacity at the port will build one to four simultaneously. The build small boats are used to transport passengers grounded cruise.

It is a safe haven for tourists. There is presence of the Tourist Police, the Port Captain, Immigration and Nationality, Customs and the National Port Authority.

For information on Nicaragua port contact details, please see the following link:

4.2.4 Nicaragua Port and Waterways Company Contact List