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Fiji Port of Levuka

Key port information can also be found at: Website of the Maritime Database

Port Overview:

The port of Levuka is primarily a fishing port catering for fishing vessels that berth at Levuka to supply Levuka’s Cannery managed by PAFCO.

Levuka’s original wharf was built in 1886 and was known as Queens Wharf comprising a timber super-structure supported on concrete piles. In 1924, the main pier of the wharf was extended and the Kings Wharf was constructed consisting of a concrete deck approximately 10 meters supported by concrete piles.

Upgrading in 1980 replaced the timber decking with concrete and an extended length to the usual 180 meters, providing adequate berthing space along its eastern side.

Maximum draft: XX meters
Tankers: Discharge lines 8 in. diameter. Depths alongside 42ft. No permanent discharge facility.
Density: Salt water, density 1025 approximately, no tide effect on density
Fresh Water: Available at all berths Delivery rate 30 t.p.h per hose; Hose diameter 75 mm
Tug Boat: Available by South Sea Towage Limited, must be arranged from Suva prior to arrival.
Pilot Boat: Not available

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Port of Levuka





Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation)

Fiji Port corporation Limited

+ 679 3312700

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4.2.3 Fiji Port and Waterways Company Contact List

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