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Key port information can be found at :




Province and District

North Sumatra, Sibolga

Town or City (Closest)


Port Name

Sibolga  Sea Port or also known as Sambas Sibolga


10 43’43” N       


980 43’53”  E

Company / Port Authority

PT. (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia I – Port Branch Sibolga / Sibolga Port Authority (KSOP)

Management contact and Position

General Manager

T. +62 631 2287875

e-mail :

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport Nama : FLZ Pinangsori

Airlines :Garuda, Wings/Lion, Susi Air, Citilink, Malindo Air

Sibolga Port is located in the natural harbor of Sibolga Bay on the west coast of North Sumatera Province.

  • It is located on the western side of North Sumatra, facing the Indian Ocean and about 348 kms from Medan City

  • It is a transit harbor to the Nias Island

  • The city has an area of 10.77 km2 and had a population of 84,444 (in 2010)

  • The port is under authorization of Harbor Master’s Office and Port Authority (KSOP) and operated by PT. (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia I Port Branch Sibolga of North Sumatra province.

Port Performance

The port of Sibolga is a medium port stand at class III

  • Provides services for multi-purposes activities; domestic and international cargo movements including container, and also functions as an inter-island port.
  • The largest vessel can berth 4000 GT


Seasonal Constraints

Yes; Monsoon; From June to July:

Rainy Season

Yes , in  September to  December

Major Import Campaigns


Container traffic (TEUs)

2014 = 3,040 Teus

Total cargo handling (m.tons)

2014 = 1,975,913 T



Quantity /

Length (m) /

Draft (m)

Conventional Berths /


103,5 m x 15,5 m

6 sd 8 m

Berthing Tugs & Mooring Boats



Police Boats


General Services

Sibolga Port (IPC or PELINDO I) branch manages vessel traffic in port waters  and  basins,  including anchoring and berthing of cargo ships. It provides:

Ship Services (from the time ships enter the port until their departure) including:

  • Anchorage Service

  • Mooring Service

  • Pilotage Service

  • Towage Service

  • Fresh Water Service

Cargo Services stevedoring services of the ships to the delivery of the cargoes to the owners; including:

  • Public Berthing

  • Storage Warehouse

  • Storage Yard

Additional PELINDO services include:

  • Pilotage and towing services

  • Port facilities for berthing hand handling cargoes.

  • Terminals for containers, conventional, bulk, and roll-on/roll-off cargoes and a passenger terminal.

  • Management of the cargo distribution.

  • Electricity and telephone services and drinking water.

Other Service Providers

PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero)

  • A state-owned company in Indonesia engaged in services of freight crossing and manages harbor crossing for passengers, vehicles and goods.


  • ASDP Sibolga Branch operated 3 Ferry RoRo to Nias Island (2 Ferry Roro to Gunung Sitoli and one to Tello Island, Nias)

  • 2 Ferry RoRo 500-600 GT and 1 Ferry Roro 1000 GT (can accommodate 20-25 vehicles + 300 – 350 passengers)



Operate Days

313 Days


705 Times


146,321 People


10,972 Units

Port Cargo Handling Equipment



Quantity /


Mobile Crane

1 Unit

45 MT

Fix Spreader

1 Unit

20 ft


2 Units

5 & 15 MT


2 Units



2 Unit

20” Broma

Vacuvators, per unit of plant /

Private Ownership


Truck & Head Truck

10 Units


Reach stacker


40 MT

Container Facilities

  • There are two container yards

  • One is rented exclusively by a private company: 3550 m2 capacity +/- 200 TEUs, 

  • The second is an L-shaped area (unsurfaced):2000 m2 capacity +/- 90 TEUs

  • There are No refer plugs available due to limited power supply.

  • There are two warehouses:

    • PT. Pelindo:  20 x 45 M (900 m2)

    • Private owned:  16 x 50 M (800m2)

Container facilities

20ft (TEUs)

40ft (FEUs)

Container facilities


Private - Limited

Daily off-take capacity (No of containers/day)

68,000 Teus / year


Container Freight Stations (CFS)



Custom Guidance

Customs clearance is available through the local customs office in the port

Multi Purpose Terminal

  • Sibolga Port is also as a multi purpose terminal. Terminal for cargoes and passangers

  • There is a dedicated port for passangers built in 2006 but not been occupied

Port Storage – Managed by PT. PELINDO

Total floor space =         sqm / m²

Number of Storage Facilities

 Area  (sqm)

Storage Type

1 (General)

120 x 45 m = 900 m2

General Cargo

1 (General)

120 x 45 m = 900 m2


Stevedoring activities are organizing by third parties (stevedoring company/PBM)

  • Coordinated through Labor Union Associations (TKBM) under supervision of Port Authority.

  • The owner/importer can also discharge their own cargo directly through the Labor Union Associations.

  • All of them provide full or semi-full package services; organizing labourer and handling equipment, discharging goods at the port, and delivering the goods at the customers’ warehouses directly.

Hinterland Information

Sibolga Seaport is the main hub port to supply goods for Nias Island.

  • From the geographical location. Sibolga is the only gate or entrance transport and distribution of goods and basic necessities by sea on the west coast of North Sumatra as well as from the are to all parts of Indonesia or International to the west coast of Sumatra Utara (North Sumatra).

  • The areas of the Hinterland include, Regency (Regency) South Tapanuli (Tapsel), City Padangsidempuan, Regency North Padang Lawas (Paluta), District of Padang Lawas South (Palas), Regency Mandailing Natal (Madina), Regency of Central Tapanuli (Tapteng), North Tapanuli Regency (Taput), Regency Humbang Hasundutan (Humbahas), Dairi Regency, Regency Toba Samosir (Tobasa) and five Kabupten / town in Nias Island. Including Singkli and Sumbussalam District in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

Port Security

Security post in entrance and exit gate


ISPS Compliant


ISPS Level (current)


1=Normal; 2=Heightened  3=Exceptional