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Website of the Maritime Database on Shuaiba Port

Port Overview

Shuaiba Port is Kuwait’s second most important commercial port, situated 45 km to the south of Kuwait City. The port has commercial and container berths as well as an oil pier which is operated by Kuwait National Petroleum Co. Most of Kuwait’s maritime trade is carried out through the ports of Shuwaikh and Shuaiba.

Shuaiba Port is located 45 Kilometers to the South of Kuwait City. The Port is bounded by the Southern Pier of Ahmadi Port from the North Side and by Mina Abdullah from the South side. There are 20 Commercial & Container Berths at Shuaiba Port of 4068 meters total length. Depths of these berths range from 10 to 14 meters. Four of these berths (berth Nos 15, 16, 17, and 18) are used for Container Vessels. The Oil Pier has a water depth of 16 metres.

There are two small Craft & Barge basins at the port. The small Craft Basin has a depth of (4) meters and contain three piers of 100, 200, 175 meters length. The Barge Basin has a depth of (6) meters and contains four piers of 211, 157, 287, 250 meters length.

Port website: Website of the Al Rashed Group on Shuaiba Port

Port Location and Contacts



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Name : Kuwait

km: 45

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Kuwait Ports Authority

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4.2 Kuwait Port and Waterways Company Contact List