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Port Overview

Key port information can be found at:

Belawan is a port city on the northeast coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Located on the Deli River near the city of Medan, Belawan is Indonesia's busiest port outside of Java.




Province and District

North Sumatera and Medan

Town or City (Closest)


Port Name



N 3’47’15


E 98’41’34

Company / Port Authority

PT. Pelindo (Persero) Regional I Northern Sumatra / Belawan Port Authority

Management contact and Position

General Manager

Management contact and Position

Manager Humas

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport name : Kualanamu International Airport

Airlines: Air Asia, Air Asia Indonesia, Firefly, Jetstar Asia Airways, Lion Air, Malaysia Airlines, Mihin Lanka, Silk Air, Sriwijaya Air, Thai Lion Air

The port of Belawan is located on the east coast of North Sumatra province. Approximately 12 km from the center of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province.  

  • Belawan port is the biggest port in Sumatra island and ranked at 3rd biggest port in Indonesia.
  • Belawan port is the main sea transportation gateway of import and export of various industrial products for Sumatra island and is able to support all container types, RoRo, bulk and break-bulk cargo.
  • Under administration by PT. Pelindo (Persero) Regional I Northern Sumatera which manages, operates and supervises 3 branches companies and 1 subsidiary :
  1. Pelindo Branch Belawan Port as the port operator for provision of general services.
  2. Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT) as container terminal operator which provides the services of loading and discharging international container
  3. Belawan Domestic Container Terminal (TPKDB) as container terminal operator which provides the services of loading and discharging domestic container
  4. Prima Indonesia Logistik (PIL) a subsidiary company engaged in container depots and logistics services, providing integrated services between container handling services in BICT, TPKDB with PIL.
  5. PT. (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia I Branch Port of Belawan is also supervising the port of Pangkalan Susu and Pangkalan Brandan.



Seasonal Constraints


Rainy Season

Yes; October to March

Major Import Campaigns


Vessels calls

2014:     4,192 calls

Container traffic (TEUs)

2014 Container Traffic

1.    Belawan Domestic Container Terminal (TPKDB)

  • Loaded: 230,203 TEUs
  • Discharged: 197,820 TEUs

2.    Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT)

  • Loaded: 217,176 TEUs
  • Discharged: 239,552 TEUs

Total cargo handling (m.tons)

2014:     11,772,529 MT

Handling Figures Bulk and Break Bulk

January to April 2015

  • General Cargo: 37,294 MT
  • Bag Cargo: 424,694 MT
  • Dry Break Bulk: 1,460,973 MT
  • Liquid Break Bulk: 1,090,944 MT
  • Unitized: 129,572 MT
  • BBM: 454,031 MT

Belawan port has 4 general berths located along the port up to BICT area.

  • Those berths consist of many smaller berths or jetties which used for specific activities; general cargo, bulk cargo, Crude Palm Oil (CPO), containers and passenger.
  • Belawan port also has specific berth equipped with modern facilities and equipment for domestic and international container movements.
  • The port has other equipment’s; speed boat, police boat, etc (but not under management of PT. Pelindo Belawan Port), operators; these equipment’s are under management of respective government departments or commercial sectors.




Length (m)

Draft (m)

Conventional Berths


(7) 688.71m

(4) 1670m

(2) 625m

(4) 300m

5-7m MLWS


5-8m MLWS

4-6m MLWS

Container Berths


Domestic: 400m

International: 500m

8-10m MLWS

8-10m MLWS

Bulk Oil Jetties (PT. Pertamina)


Capacity: 17,000 DWT

Berthing Tugs & Mooring Boats



Water Barges


Police Boats

6 units

Port of Belawan is an international port services includes:

  • Port and harbour services

  • Pilotage service

  • Towage service

  • Cargo and goods services

  • Basin/pool and waters services

  • Warehouse, open storage, container yard and Container Freight Station (CFS) services

  • Containers services

  • Operating and rental of handling equipment

  • Operating TBAL (Land, Building, Water, Electricity)

  • And provide other services.

General services are organized by respective agents and operators, therefore all rates for general services vary depending on the services provided.

Port of Belawan Branch (PELINDO I) manages vessel traffic in port waters and basins, including anchoring and berthing of cargo ships. It provides:

  • Pilotage and towing services

  • Port facilities for berthing hand handling cargoes.

  • Terminals for containers, conventional, bulk, and roll-on/roll-off cargoes and a passenger terminal.

  • Management of the cargo distribution centre and inland container depot operations.

  • Electricity and telephone services and drinking water.

  • Space for office buildings, reception facilities, and industrial estates

Ship Services; PELINDO provides ship services, from the time ships enter the port until their departure. The services provided are:

  • Anchorage Service

  • Mooring Service

  • Pilotage Service

  • Towage Service

  • Fresh Water Service

  • Near Service

Cargo Services; PELINDO provides a stevedoring services of the ships to the delivery of the cargoes to the owners. The provided services are:

  • Public Berth

  • Storage Warehouse

  • Storage Yard

  • Private Berth

  • Other Services

  • General services are organized by respective agents and operators, therefore all rates for general services vary depending on the services provided.

  • A regular ferry service connects Belawan to across the Strait of Malacca to Penang, Malaysia; at times a ferry has also run from Belawan to Satun, Thailand.

PT. National Shipping Indonesia (PELNI) is a national shipping company that provides marine transportation freight services, including transport services of passengers and cargo between islands. The link can be found at website :

  • Currently operates 25 ships and 3 passenger ships goods that serve a variety of routes within the archipelago and connects all the main islands of Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua

  • The 3 Roro types are Caraka 3600 GT; CJN III-4,  CJN III-2, and CJN III-1

  • PT. PELNI is also provide Freight Forwarding, Stevedoring and Cargo dooring Services.

Port Handling Equipment

  • Port cargo handling equipment are available everywhere at the port.

  • Most of large scale companies operating at the port have their owned equipments to support their operations, some of them also provide service of rental handling equipment, etc.

  • PT. Pelindo (Persero) Belawan Port as port operator, PT. Pelindo (Persero) Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT) as operator of International container terminal and PT. Pelindo (Persero) Belawan Logistics Centre (BLC) are the main players in the port.






Fire engines


4 T (2 Units)

2 T (1 Unit)

Reachstacker  at  BICT+TPKDB


40-45 MT

Container Crane at BICT+TPKDB



Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane at BICT+TPKDB



Side Loader at BICT+TPKDB



Headtruck at BICT+TPKDB



Chassis at BICT+TPKDB



Custom Guidance

  • For Emergency situation priority given for humanitarian aid (logistic and equipment)

  • Customs clearance is available through the local customs office in the port.


Multi-Purpose Terminal

Most of Belawan Port’s terminals are multi purpose terminals.

  • Belawan Lama Terminal

  • Ujung Baru Terminal

  • Citra Terminal

  • IKD Terminal

  • IKD-2 Terminal

For Ujung Baru Terminal, quay number 109 to 111 dedicated berth for dry bulk cargo vessels and quay number 105 to 107 dedicated berth for liquid cargo vessels.

Grain and Bulk Handling

Port of Belawan’s bulk handling terminal facilities are:

  • Dry bulk terminal dedicated for fertilizer with length 100 m and 500,000 tons/year capacity

  • Dry bulk terminal dedicated for cement with length 100 m and 500,000 tons/year capacity

  • Dry bulk terminal dedicated for residue of copra with length 100 m and 985,000 tons/year capacity.

Main Storage Terminal

  • Port of Belawan has 25 warehouses with the total area 61,474.04 m2.

  • It has 23 yards with the total area 64,386.96 m2 and 7 container yards with the total area 262,490 m2.

Port Storage  Managed by PT. Pelindo

Total floor space

No, of Storage Facilities

 Area  (sqm)

Storage Type



Bagged Cargo



Refrigerated Cargo

Reefer Plug : 144 point


General Cargo

Included above.


There are 36 Stevedoring Companies operating at Belawan Port

  • Stevedoring activities are organizing by third parties (stevedoring company/PBM) through Labor Union Associations (TKBM) at Belawan port under supervision of Port Authority.

  • The owner/importer can also discharge their own cargo directly through the Labor Union Associations.

  • Shore handling activities for containers are organized by Pelindo or stevedoring companies at Belawan port.  

  • All of them provide full or semi-full package services; organizing labor and handling equipment, discharging goods at the port, and delivering the goods at the customers’ warehouses directly.

Hinterland Information

Belawan is the main port for the island of Sumatra which  is the largest island that is entirely in Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world at 473,481 km2.

  • Sumatra has great natural wealth; about 70% of the country's income is produced there

  • The island has some of Indonesia's richest oil fields, its finest coalfields, and deposits of gold and silver

  • Its offshore offshore islands are known for their tin and bauxite

  • Most of the country's rubber and coffee is grown in Sumatra; pepper, tea, sugarcane, and oil palms are also grown on plantations

  • The Deli region around Medan is famous for its tobacco

  • Rice, corn, and root crops are raised for local consumption. Timber cut includes camphor and ebony

Port Security

Belawan port has applied the International Ship and Port Security Service Code (ISPS Code)

  • Based on the Government Statement of Compliance of Port Facility No. KL.94/93/ISPS/DV/ST-04 in accordance to International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) rules and regulations.


ISPS Compliant


ISPS Level (current)

1= Normal

Storage Facilities

Belawan port has many storages facilities; warehouses, open storages, container yards and Container Freight Stations (CFS).

Port Storage

(Managed by PT. Pelindo Belawan Port, PT. Pelindo BICT and PT. PIL)


 Floor area (m²)

Main Quay Transit Sheds


(open storage locations)

Total 112,949.76 m2

Back of Port Transit Sheds



Total 52,399.12 m2

Container Yards

3 container yards

Total 362,326 m2

Container Freight Stations (CFS),

3 units

Total 7,000 m2

Lighterage Area Transit Sheds

At the open storage

At the open storage

Customs Warehouses





534,614 m²

PT. Pelindo Warehouse

PT. PIL General Container Yard