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Port Overview

The port of of Kalewa consists of a passenger boat ramp located in the center of Kalewa and a general cargo facility located East at the fork of the Chindwin river and the Myitthar river. There are no jetties or berths, vessels moor at the riverbank and use gangways.

Kalewa port is relatively busy with the transport of construction materials and functions as a hub between Monywa, Hommalin, Khamti, Kale, and Tamu. The Myitthar river between Kalewa and  Kale is only accessible for 100 MT capacity boats during rainy season (Mid- June to Mid-Nov) as the maximum channel draft in the dry season is only 0.61m (2 ft).  There is no port in Kale and boats moor at the riverbank and use gangways for loading and unloading. Since Kalewa and Kale is only 40 km apart and the road network is accessible all year round, general cargo is mainly transported by road from Kalewa to Kale, Tamu, and northern Chin State.

The average draft of the channel from Kalewa to Khanti is 6m deep (20ft) in the wet season and in the dry season it significantly drops to 0.75m (2.5ft). There is enough mooring space and there are no bottle necks. No handling equipment is available, loading and unloading with manual labour. During dry season there is a restriction on the maximum amount of cargo allowed due to the shallow draft of the river. Below is the restriction on the max channel draft in Chindwin river during dry season (15 Nov to 15 May) as stated by the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River System (DWRIRS);

  • Monywa to Kalewa = 1m (3.3 ft)
  • Kalewa to Hommalin = 0.91m (3 ft)
  • Hommalin to Khamti = 0.76m (2.5 ft)

Key port information can also be found at:






Province or District


Town or City

Kalewa (0.5 km)

Port's Complete Name

Kalewa port





Managing Company or Port Authority

Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River System (DWRIRS), under the Ministry of Transport & Communications. While daily management is sub-contracted to a private company.

Management Contact Person

Mr. Moe Zaw (Ph+95-9-400545544)

Nearest Airport and Airlines

Kale Airport (distance 40km). (Myanmar national airline,  Air KBZ)


Port Picture

Kalewa port overview

Passenger port Kalewa

Cargo port Kalewa

Cargo port Kalewa

Cargo port manual labor, Kalewa

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Most vessels are operated by individual vessel owners. One of the main operators at Kalewa for general cargo is U Win Aung of the Kyaw Kyaw Win Line in Minkin, Kalewa (phone number: +95-9-2007910). He owns 3 vessels (200’x50’x draft 8’ with 1000 Mt capacity), (180’x 35’x draft 7’ with 500 Mt capacity) and (145’x15’x draft 4.5’ with 100 Mt capacity).

Port Performance

Port performance in 2019 was approximately 25 vessels visit per day, averaging around 700 vessels per month. About 1,800 MT of cargo per month, mostly construction materials (cement, iron, corrugated sheets, food). However, since port management was sub-contracted, there are no exact statistics maintained on the volume of cargo and port calls.


Dry Season


Mid-Nov to May, shallow draft. Boats take 50% cargo depending on the channel draft.

Major Import Campaigns





Vessel Calls:


Container Traffic: (TEUs)


Handling Figures Bulk and Break Bulk

Year 2019

Bulk (MT)


Break bulk (MT)

21,000 MT

*Handling figures are estimates.

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

The below are vessel docking charges MMK per vessel per visit period, charged by a private company under supervision of Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River System (DWRIRS).

Below 20 HP engine200 MMK (small boat), 400 MMK (below 30 ft length of boat) 600 MMK (between 30~50 ft length of boat)
More than 20 HP Engine 700 MMK (20~ 30 MT capacity), 1200 MMK (30~40 MT capacity)
Big Vessel (40 and over HP Engine)1,500 MMK (40~60 MT capacity), 2,000 MMK (60~80 capacity), 2,500 MMK (80~100 MT capacity), 4,500 MMK (100~200 MT capacity), 5,500 MMK (more than 200 MT capacity)

Ships are charged a standard fee for use of the waterway by the Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River System (DWRIRS), under the Ministry of Transport & Communications. DWRIRS charges 0.20 Kyat/MT capacity/mile, per trip. This is charged at the river stations Twantay, Nyaungdong, Pyay, Magway, Mandalay and Kathar and for the Chindwin river at Monywa and Kalewa.

Berthing Specifications 

Type of Berth





Draft (m)


Conventional Berth


20 m

2.5 m

Less in dry season

Container Berth


Silo Berth


Berthing Tugs


Water Barges


General Cargo Handling Berths

Cargo Type

Berth Identification

Imports - Bagged Cargo

2 berths

Exports - Bagged Cargo

2 berths (same)

Imports and Exports - RoRo


Other Imports


Port Handling Equipment


Container Facilities

No container facilities.

Customs Guidance

No customs office is available.

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal


Grain and Bulk Handling


Main Storage Terminal

None. Normally direct transhipment to and from trucks.


All loading and offloading are normally performed manually. Daily workers are arranged through the labour exchange office.

  • The daily labour rate is 2,000 MMK/MT for unskilled labour. (only loading and offloading)
  • Daily casual rate is 5000-8,000 MMK/day for unskilled labour
  • 8,000-12,000 MMK/day for skilled labour. (includes record keeping, tally counting and managing stack).

Hinterland Information

Cargo can be moved by truck to Kale and Tamu.

Port Security

None. The port is not fenced 

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