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Port Overview

The port of Port-au-Prince is the centrepiece of a nationwide port rebuilding program; a development plan foresees the extension and modification of the two port areas: Quay Nord to be converted into a pure container terminal, integrating the actually separated depots/inland terminals into a common terminal layout (The first phase of redevelopment for Quay Nord has been completed since June 2016); Quay Sud to further develop into a breakbulk/general cargo terminal.

At the time of the assessment both areas were already in use for the same purpose: Quay Nord is called by several container feeder services of global liner operators (MSC, CMA-CGM, ZIM, Maersk/Sealand, Antillean); and Quay Sud handles imports of general cargo, bulk and breakbulk.

The barges, which had been used to substitute for the damaged berth have not been in use since the opening of the first phase of Quay Nord.

Port website: Autorite Portuaire Nationale

Port Location and Contact

Province or DistrictOuest Department

Nearest Town or City

with Distance from Port



Port's Complete NamePort international de Port-au-Prince

Managing Company

and/or Port Authority

Caribbean Port Services

Autorite Portuaire Nationale

Management Contact Person 

Nearest Airport and Airlines with

Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Toussaint Louverture International Airport

Aerolineas Mas, Air Canada, Air France,

American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue,

Spirit Airlines

For additional information on Haiti Port International de Port-au-Prince, please see the following attachment:

Haiti Port International de Port-au-Prince Additional Information

Note: The information provided in the attached document has been taken from an older LCA, and is therefore provided separately.

Port Picture

Red – North Pier (Quay Nord)

Yellow – RoRo Ramp

Green – South Pier (Quay Sud)

Orange – Central Office

Blue – Main Entrance

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Before the 2010 earthquake, the depot operators founded an operative joint venture to run the physical cargo handling in the port, Operateurs Portuaire Reunis (OPR); however this group of companies has reorganised in line with the construction of the new terminal on Quay Nord under the name Caribbean Port Services (CPS).

There are four depot operators in the port: Agemar, IMT, MLH, and Haiti Terminals.

For information on Haiti Port International de Port-au-Prince contact details, please see the following link: 

4.3 Haiti Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Berthing Specifications

Type of Berth




Maximum Draft



Conventional Berth


2106.6South Pier / Quay Sud
Container Berth 41011.5North Pier / Quay Nord
Silo Berth    
Berthing Tugs    
Water Barges    

General Cargo Handling Berths

Cargo Type

Berth Identification

Imports - Bagged Cargo

South Pier / Quay Sud

Exports - Bagged Cargo

South Pier / Quay Sud

Imports and Exports - RoRo

North Pier / Quay Nord

Other Imports


Port Handling Equipment

Is the port equipment managed by the government or privately? Caribbean Port Services (CPS) is the private terminal operator that owns the equipment in the port. Other equipment required may be available, but must be ordered through the agent (i.e. bagging machines).



(Yes / No)

Total Quantity and Capacity Available

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage

Dockside Crane



Container Gantries



Mobile Cranes


2 x TEREX/Gottwald (125MT)
1 x Gottwald (125MT)





RoRo Tugmaster (w/ Trailer)



20 w/ container chassis 

Grain Elevator w/ Bagging Machines








Container Facilities

Quay Nord is called by several container feeder services of global liner operators (MSC, CMA-CGM, ZIM, Maersk/Sealand, Antillean. There are no container stocks on the terminal. Each line, represented by its agent, holds a contract with a depot operator (Agemar, IMT, MLH, Haiti Terminals). The depots are connected by an inner port road with the berth but the distance between depot and berth requires a high number of trucks per crane.


20 ft

40 ft

Container Facilities Available



Container Freight Station (CFS)



Refrigerated Container Stations



Other Capacity Details  

Daily Take Off Capacity

(Containers per Day)


Number of Reefer Stations

(Connection Points)

Emergency Take-off Capacity  

Off take capacity of gang shift

(Containers per Shift)


Customs Guidance

For information on Haiti Port customs guidance, please see the following link

1.3 Haiti Customs Information