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Vanuatu Port Assessment

Vanuatu Ports


There are two major international ports in Vanuatu that act as cargo hubs for the country. One is located in Port Vila, Efate, Shefa Province; and the second one in Luganville, Santo, Sanma Province. Inter-island shipping to small ports across Vanuatu also occurs from these two ports.

Port of Port Vila is the major port in Vanuatu, however the wharf infrastructure is currently limited. There is only one multipurpose berth to service cargo ships, cruise vessels and tankers. Cargo ships must give way to cruise vessels and sit at anchorage until they depart, causing delays in cargo and petroleum services.  The new multipurpose wharf being constructed next door at the former Star Wharf will provide a dedicated berth for international cargo ships, as well as a smaller berth for domestic inter-island cargo ships.

There are four international ports for the purposes of providing customs and immigration clearances for yachts: Port of Port Vila, Efate; Port of Luganville, Santo; Sola, Vanua Lava, Torba Province; and Lenekal, Tanna, Tafea Province.

In addition to the international Ports, cruise vessels moor at anchorage at Mystery Island, off Aneityum Island Tafea Province; Champagne beach, Santo, Sanma Province; and Pangi, Pentecost, Penama Province (during April – June for the land diving season only).

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Please note: The information is provided by Vanuatu Consulting as a free service to the humanitarian community.

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