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Nicaragua Port Assessment

The national port system is composed of ports in the Pacific, Nicaraguan Caribbean coast and lake ports, these being the following: international seaports: Port Corinth attends merchant ships and cruises, located in the department of Chinandega to the west. Puerto Sandino serves only merchant ships, is located in the department of lion. Puerto San Juan del Sur: Exclusive to serve cruise ships and yachts, located in the department of Rivas, in the south of the country. Puerto Cabezas: attends merchant ships and coasting trade, located in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) Port El-Bluefields Bluff: attends merchant ships and coasting trade, located in Bluefields, South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS). River port: Port Arlen Siu: serving international cargo ships and national coastal city located in Rama. Lake ports in Lake Nicaragua: Granada, diamond, San Jorge, Moyogalpa, Altagracia, pout, San Carlos and San Miguelito serving passenger and cargo domestic cabotage. Lake ports on Lake Managua: Puerto Salvador Allende, Managua and Puerto Carlos Fonseca Amador, free municipality of San Francisco.

Ports mentioned there are six international seaports, three in the Pacific coast and three in the Atlantic before; ports are managed and operated by the National Port Enterprise (EPN), government port management authority of the country. On the Pacific coast, 160 km from Managua is located on Port of Corinto, Nicaragua's main port and the only one capable of servicing large ships. Another port on the Pacific coast is Puerto Sandino, 70 km from Managua, which has the characteristics of a dual port management and is mainly used for the import of crude oil and solid bulk cargo. The third port on the Pacific is Puerto San Juan del Sur is a unique port for international cruise ships cater also serves basic fishing vessels in a small dock. The NPS also manages and operates two port administrations Lacustrine (Cocibolca and Managua), formed by small ports.

On the Atlantic Coast, Nicaragua has two international seaports (The Bluff / Bluefields and Puerto Cabezas) and a river port (Arlen Siu). The Arlen Siu, The Bluff / Bluefields and Puerto Cabezas ports are ports that handle small volumes of cargo. Arlen Siu Port is located 292 km from Managua, in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) in the town of El Rama; on the Escondido River, 40 miles off the Caribbean coast. Puerto Cabezas is located in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), in the county seat Bilwi attends ships fuel import and export of mainly wood and queers. The Bluff / Bluefields is in the RAAS, is the largest on the Atlantic coast seaport. Link to the website of EPN:

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