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Kuwait Port Assessment

There are three commercial ports in Kuwait which are an important part of its transport network. Shuwaikh, Shuaiba and Doha port are all managed by Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA), a public sector body run on a commercial basis under the Authority of the Ministry of Communications.

Shuwaikh Port is considered the main commercial port for Kuwait, situated inside Kuwait Bay and to the immediate northwest of Kuwait City. The port has commercial and container berths and there is also the milling company, Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries, situated next to the port with specific berths only for them.

Shuaiba Port is Kuwait’s second most important commercial port, situated 45 km to the south of Kuwait City. The port has commercial and container berths as well as an oil pier which is operated by Kuwait National Petroleum Co. Most of Kuwait’s maritime trade is carried out through the ports of Shuwaikh and Shuaiba. Website of the Al Rashed Group on Shuaiba Port

Doha Port, located to the North of Kuwait City at the far end of Kuwait Bay is the smallest of Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) ports with a depth of 4.3 meters. The port is used to berth dhows, barges and small coastal vessels operating between Gulf Ports.