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Ethiopia is a land-locked country with no direct access to the sea, hence, is dependent on ports in neighbouring countries. The main corridor into Ethiopia is through Djibouti port for commercial, government and humanitarian cargo.  95 % of the goods handled by Djibouti Port are destined for Ethiopia. Alternative ports are Port Sudan and Berbera. Ethiopia is to complete the formal possessing of acquiring land at Sudan to develop its own port. In different occasions the two countries agreed to develop a port in Sudan that will be an optional sea outlet for land locked Ethiopia.)Use of Mombasa port could be an option for southern parts of Ethiopia, but is currently not a time- or cost-efficient option. Ports in Southern Somali were not accessible due to the on-going conflict and the ports of Assab and Massawa in Eritrea, but following the agreement reached between the Ethiopia and Eritrea, a decision was made to resume telecommunication lines, transport services and trade relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea for the first time in 20 years. In line with this, preliminary preparation has also commenced by the two countries (to repair roads leading to the port and upgrading infrastructural facilities) in order to enable Ethiopia reuse the Port of Assab, and facilitates its sea-borne trades which geographically would have been natural options, are not probable due to the current political climate between the  countries.

Please find information on the ports mentioned in the links below:

4.4 Ethiopia Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Key port information can also be found at:

2.1.1 Djibouti Port of Djibouti S.A (PAID)

Website: Port of Djibouti

Port Contacts for Djibouti: 4.3 Djibouti Port and Waterways Company Contact List

2.1.2 Somalia Port of Berbera

Port Contacts to Berbera Port: 4.4 Somalia Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Website: Port of Sudan LCA

Port Contacts to Sunda Port:4.4 Sudan Port and Waterways Company Contact List 

2.1.1 Kenya Port of Mombasa

Port Contacts to Mombasa Port: 4.2.4 Kenya Port and Waterways Company Contact List