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El Salvador has a versatile port infrastructure to meet the needs of maritime cargo effectively. The two main ports are Acajutla, located in the western region of the country and mainly specialized in handling bulk cargo, and La Union, located in the eastern region and designed especially for containerized cargo. 

 Port of Acajutla 

The port of Acajutla has three modern terminals equipped for the arrival of all types of vessels, storage areas and specialized handling cargo equipment. 

Port of La Unión 

The Port of La Union is the largest port of El Salvador, and is projected as one of the most important and modern port infrastructures in Central America: 

  • Designed for large vessels such as the Post-Panamax type vessels, giving the port a competitive advantage in the region. 
  • Strategically located in the centre of the region, between Mexico and Panama. 
  • The newest maritime terminal with an expansion potential up to three times its current size. 
  • Contributes to the aim of the Government of El Salvador to turn the country into a distribution and logistics centre for Central America. 

Foreign trade follows the following routes: towards Central America, by land and by sea, trade uses the ports located both on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. On the Pacific side, the ports of Acajutla are used for El Salvador and Port Quetzal for Guatemala; the Port of La Unión is to enter operations in the near term. The other route is through the Atlantic using Port Barrios in Guatemala, and to a lesser degree Port Cortés in Honduras.