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Algeria Ports

Shipping is essential to the national economy with the vast majority of Algeria’s commercial trade moving through the national port network. The most significant port in terms of traffic is Arzew in Oran, followed by Skikda. Arzew has been developed with a special focus on petrochemical exports. For container traffic, Algiers is the most important port after Arzew, handling almost 60% of the country’s container traffic. Algiers is a congested port and congestion surcharges are regularly implemented by shipping lines. Delays are common. In general it would appear that port congestion is problematic at most major Algerian ports. Although there are significant levels of private sector involvement at some ports, reports on physical constraints at ports such as Algiers imply that private sector involvement is unlikely to resolve the issues. An example of private sector involvement would be the landlord port model in Algeria, where DP World (Dubai Ports World) is responsible for port operations in Algiers as well as Djen Djen.