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The following sections contain information on the logistics infrastructure of Tajikistan 

The national logistical infrastructure has received significant investment in recent years, particularly the road network. Most important for the national economy has been the improvement of the 350-km highway between Khujand and Dushanbe over two mountain passes. The completion of two tunnels in 2012 over the northern Shakhriston Pass has shortened the driving time by hours and means that the highway can remain open throughout the winter with closures for avalanche clearing rarely longer than a day.  

The improved highway means it is now more economical to bring wheat, wheat flour, fuel and other commodities originating in Kazakhstan or Russia or from the Port of Riga to Sugd province (Khujand) in the north rather than an extra 1200 km by the circuitous rail route through Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to Dushanbe.  

Along the M-41 Highway from Murghab to Khorog and Kulyab some new sections have been completed by Iranian and Turkish companies and most of the remaining work is expected to be finished in 2014. This includes construction of a new highway by a Chinese company from the border at Kulma to Murghab in the Pamirs.  

Railway projects are in planning but there is little actual construction going on. A tender has been awarded to a Chinese company for a 47 km rail way link over a mountain pass to connect the southern network to the rails in the central Dushanbe region. However, the contract for the tunnels and bridges has not been signed, and financing is not yet in place. 

Tajikistan ranks 153 out of 160 countries included in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) in 2016. Tajikistan received a score of 2.06 in 2016 compared to 2.53 in 2014 when it ranked 114, evidencing an important decline in the overall infrastructure capacity. For additional information on the Tajikistan LPI, please see the following links: 

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