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The logistics infrastructures of the Republic of Congo are developing. The government is currently modernizing the port of Pointe Noire through a public-private partnership project convention between the Pointe Noire port authority and BOLLORE Group (Congo Terminal).

There have been some investments in the road network in the recent years and improvements are ongoing.  The main road linking Brazzaville to Pointe noire (RN1) (548 km) has recently been completed and is now fully paved and in excellent conditions. This includes the section between Dolisie and Mindouli and between Kinkala and Mindouli.

The main road to the North (RN2) linking Brazzaville and Ouesso (820km) is fully paved but there are sections of uneven asphalt and under bad condition. These sections are currently under construction and being paved. The road Ouesso to Enyelle -Betou (RN3), is well maintained but unpaved and dangerous during rainy season especially in the section Boun Oumba-Betou. The road Enyelle- Impfondo (RN15) is impassable during rainy season. The supply of food and goods is only possible through the Congo/Ubangui rivers and navigability is limited to the rainy season (June-November).

As of today, some projects of road construction are ongoing. The main one consists in the construction of a transnational route of 1400 km connecting Cameroun to the Republic of Congo and CAR.

Another planned road will improve accessibility to the Impfondo area through a route of 440 km connecting Enyelle, Impfondo and Liranga.

A specific attention must be raised concerning the river-crossing infrastructures on the whole territory (BAC). They can be manually driven or engine powered. Often in bad condition, they are not reliable and therefore sometimes some destinations cannot be reached. In addition of being quite expensive, it can become an even bigger challenge when water levels are low. The wood companies such as CIB own these boats and try to improve the access by building dykes, which are not reliable either. There might be some overall improvement on that level in the future.

A railway is in place and partially functioning. The major railway segment is from Pointe-Noire - Brazzaville. It is widely used for both cargo and passengers. Between Belinga and Dolisie the line is divided into two sections with a southern deviation connecting eight stations for passenger traffic. The second railway line goes through the Niari region from Mont Belo to Mbinda at the border with Gabon.

The total length of the railway network of the Republic of the Congo is 886 km. The rail network is obsolete and as of today no modernization project is planned.

Concerning the Aviation sector, a new terminal and a new runway have been recently built at the airport of Brazzaville and a new terminal was inaugurated in 2016 in the Pointe-Noire airport increasing the capacity. Also, the runway of the Oyo Ollombo International Airport has been prolonged to a total length of 3300 meters or 10,827 ft.

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