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Nicaragua Logistics Infrastructure 

Nicaragua has a national asset in terms of connectivity infrastructure, represented by 6 major seaports, three commercial and three tourist, road networks exceeding 23.746 kilometers and an international airport in the capital Managua and three commercial airports, customs facilities in the country that allow the exchange of trade, while its wide coverage also enable the internal distribution of goods and commodities. It has two telecommunications companies Claro and Movistar with coverage throughout the country.

In recent years, Nicaragua has been working on improving the country's infrastructure, developing large projects mainly in the sectors of energy, transport, seaports, airports. Currently distributes 52% of renewable energy in the country and 48% from oil.

In mid-2013 he began a Bill, called the Special Law for the development of infrastructure and transport, as well as the construction of a canal company awarded Nicaragua HK Chinese origin. This project along with the construction of the wet channel includes a pipeline that will connect the two coasts, a dry channel for building railways for freight two deepwater ports and a new international airport. Construction of this project is estimated for a period of ten years.