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HQ to INSERT HERE General Logistics Planning Map from the GIS Team in Rome.

FSM is a widespread group of over 600 Islands in the North Pacific spread across 2400Km east to west of ocean. There are 4 main states the ‘capital’ of each states being on the main island. Adjoining islands and atolls and multiple outer Islands, some as far as 3-400 Km from the state Capital, make up the physical geography The widespread nature of FSM present extensive logistics difficulties. There is no national road network other than that existing on the main capital or more populated larger islands. Few outer islands have existing roads capable of taking small vehicles.

Inter Islands transport and connections are only by way of sea or air. Both of which are infrequent and expensive.

 The capitals in each of the 4 state Kolonia in Phonpei, Weno in Chuuk, Colonia in Yap and Okat in Kosrae accommodate airports with international and domestic services. International carrier’s specifically United airlines operate international routes flying the domestic legs between the capital islands. Air services to the islands outside the 4 capitals (outer islands) are only provided by a small light aircraft through Caroline Islands Air and to a lesser extent PMA who exclusively services Yap. Some outer islands have short airfield runways and can only land small 8 seater aircraft. Islands with longer airfields have runways can land larger 19 seater aircraft available

 Air services are passenger aircraft only. Air freight can only be carried on the same plane. Airfields on outer islands are often grass and coral.

 Sea freight is the more common method of goods transport and the FSM Government operates 2 vessels which have both passenger and freight capacity. However the d=schedule is flexible and services to outer islands may only be once every 6 -12 months

 Sea ports operate in a similar way to airports with International vessels providing international and domestic services however only to the Capital ports. Seaport terminals have greater warehousing infrastructure.

Internal, as in ‘on island’ road transport is either private in nature belonging to a small number of hardware retailers and construction business. There are no dedicated transport companies as such.

The State Department of Public Works and Transport, depending on the Island are the main providers of heavy equipment for construction and road repair. With the increase in tuna fishing export infrastructure improvements are proposed for both Yap and Kosrae 

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