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Burundi Logistics Infrastructure Narrative


Burundi has 1 international airport located in Bujumbura. The actual priority of the Government is to improve security and quality of services at Bujumbura International Airport. There is also a plan to build an international airport near Gitega town (in Bugendana commune) as Gitega is planned to be the political and administrative capital of Burundi in near future.

Bujumbura Port

Bujumbura port is located in the North of Tanganyika Lake. The port handles not only Burundi cargo but also transit cargo to Rwanda and DRC. Bujumbura port is a hub of 3 corridors: northern corridor (Mombasa), Central Corridor (Dar-Es-Salaam) and Southern corridor (Mpulungu-Zambia).

The Government of Burundi has a project of rehabilitation of the port, including extension of berths and Fuel terminal.


Railway project

Burundi doesn’t have any rail way lines

Energy/Electric Power

The access to electricity power of Burundian population is actually 4.8%. The GoB plans to increase the electricity generated power by the exploitation of existing hydroelectric potentials but also importing power from the region. Solar and wind energies will be promoted


The actual country coverage of telecommunications in Burundi is as follows:

-       Fix telephone  covers  20% of the territory

-       Mobile telephone covers 90% of the territory

The fiber optic national network is under construction since 2012 and it will be functional by end of year 2013(Backbone Burundi System).