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Armenia Logistics Infrastructure

Landlocked Armenia depends on transport and cross-border access, currently only two borders, in south with Iran and in North with Georgia are open.
Two highway routes and one rail-link providing access to the Black Sea ports of Batumi and Poti (Georgia) and further to the EU by sea . One road South through Iran to the Persian Gulf
The result is high transport costs, particularly for traded goods, and expensive infrastructure development and maintenance.
Currently, about 30,000 containers (70% of them 40 feet long) are imported annually through Georgia’s port of Poti on the Black Sea. Railway transport handles about 30% of them, Majority of containers are transported by private transport companies, who have branches in George and Armenia. There are considerably small volumes of cargo transported to from Iran.
Significant improvements to the road and railway networks are planned to be completed by 2016-2017
North-South Road Corridor is a major infrastructure project which aims connecting the Southern border of the country with its Northern point by means of a highway to be built or reconstructed in accordance with the highest international standards and at providing access to international markets. The reconstruction and development of North-South Road Corridor will enable facilitation and intensification of both domestic and foreign transport and trade. The Project implementation will lead to the development of efficient transit roads. North-South Road Corridor is 556 km-long and its implementation period is from 2009 to 2017.

Construction of 2 international logistic centres in Yerevan (close to Zvartnots airport) and Gyumri Terminal are planned to be completed by 2017.
Air cargo movement is limited due to high cost and limited number of cargo airplanes flying to/ from Armenia.
Export from Armenia mainly agricultural products are done by tracks through Georgia to Russia.