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Vanuatu Regulatory Departments 

National Disaster Management Office

- Leads and coordinate the Logistics cluster activities

- Facilitate deployment of assessment teams

- Attend the inter-cluster morning briefing

- Identify local resources for surge

- Coordinates warehouse availability and storage

- Coordinates receipt/dispatch, tracking and stocktaking of emergency relief items and unsolicited bilateral donations

- Coordinates movements of incoming supplies from ports to warehouse to islands

- May coordinate the movement of people

- Coordinates food and water distributions with the Provincial EOC and community networks

- Messaging to the community

Ministry of Health

- Lead and coordinate the Health Cluster activities

- Conduct and coordinate post disaster field assessment as required

- Situational analysis and prioritisation of activities according to needs and vulnerability

- Provision of regular situational updates and information sharing to all health cluster members

- Scale up syndromic surveillance system accordingly

- Provision of medical supplies to health facilities

- Provision and training of medical personal

- Provision of primary health care and public health services

- Conduct public awareness activities and provision of IEC materials

- Provision of health facility infrastructure and biomedical equipment

- Coordination of international medical personal

- Provision of ambulance services

- Setting health minimum standards

- Coordinating the management of deceased persons

- Produce report/ Situation Analysis to submit to NDMO

- Work alongside the health focal point stationed at the provincial level

- Inspection of food items before general food distribution – check for expiry dates

- Messaging to the community

Ministry of Justice and Community Services

Department of Women’s Affairs

- Lead and coordinate the Gender & Protection Cluster

- Conduct and coordinate post disaster sectoral assessment

- Provide awareness to communities

- Develop knowledge and understanding of gender and protection issues in Vanuatu through advocacy, awareness raising, capacity building and technical advice for relevant stakeholders

- Coordinate the centrality of protection in all cluster implementation of activities

- Actively encourage other clusters/sectors of the humanitarian community to mainstream gender and protection into their planning and activities, and to provide technical support for this process

- Identify protection issues and gaps (in times of preparation for and response to emergencies) and advocate to the relevant authorities and other actors for action to address them

- Play the lead role in the coordination of agencies involved in gender and protection activities to share information and respond to identified gaps

- Messaging to the community

Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities

Department of Public Works

- Lead the shelter cluster

- Lead shelter assessment

- Work alongside AVL on the runway condition

- Messaging to the community


- Co-lead the shelter cluster

 Other cluster members

- Support cluster lead

Vanuatu Police Force

- Coordinate the land search and rescue mission

- Coordinate the sea search and rescue mission

- Assist in the distribution of relief supplies to affected population

- Assist clusters where needed

- Work alongside NDMO for the whole duration of the emergency response

- Take ownership of all Security and Law Enforcement, whenever there is a single or multiple declared state of emergencies by the Head of State

- Impose Security Measures will continue to roll to aid the National Government in Restoring Law & Order Maintenance, and at the same time Assist the NDMO to complete the Recovery and Rehabilitation assigned task on demand

Foreign Affairs

 - Assist NDMO on the request for FRANZ partners assistance

- Assist with Special Category visas

- Flight clearances

- Shipping vessel clearances

- Focal point for all foreign relations

-Foreign affairs is mandated to request for assistance

- Liaising with partners (donor partners)

- Facilitate VIP Courtesies for visiting dignitaries


  • Facilitate NDMO access to relief funds

Department of Local Authority (DLA)

             - Liaise between National and Provincial Government

Provincial Government

- Support NDMO with Initial Community Assessment

- Support NDMO with deployed assessment teams

- Feed reports back to NDMO

Department of Customs and Inland Revenue

             - Facilitate the clearance of disaster relief containers with proper documents supplied by the NDMO

- Waive customs duties and VAT for all goods purchased externally for humanitarian assistance

Department of Biosecurity

- Facilitate the quarantine clearance of international aircraft loaded with disaster relief supplies donations

- Facilitate inspection of sea vessel based on ship manifest

- Biosecurity will always safeguard our borders from foreign damaging pests and diseases

Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL)

- Make sure space available for aircraft to land and depart

- Facilitate aircraft access availability for assessment team deployment

- Make sure the runway is in good condition for departure and landing

Vanuatu Terminal Services

- Handling of international Terminal Cargo

- Preparation of Airway bills

- Cargo storage facilities

- Ramp service

- Logistical Support services

- Communications Aircraft ground to ground and ground to air communications. 


Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO)

- Assist with communication

- Provide HF when needed

Telecommunination and Radio communications Regulator (TRR)

- Facilitates and regulates radio and telecommunications in Vanuatu

Ministry of Education

- Lead and coordinate the Education Cluster activities

- Activate the Education Operations Centre (EOC)

- Activate the Education Cluster

- Activate the Education in Emergencies Policy relevant Sections

- Lead and coordinate the Education Cluster Meetings

- Conduct and coordinate post disaster sectoral assessment

- Negotiate for school fee exemption for affected students

- Provided temporary Learning Spaces

- Assist the management of classrooms during evacuation

- Provide a time frame for schools to be used as evacuation centres

- Conduct structural in-depth assessments of facilities

- Provide Psycho Social Support to affected schools staff/ teachers

- Provision of ECCE kits to affected teachers, ECCE Centres, Child care, Home-based, Primary and Boarding Schools

- Provide Vanuatu Education Information System (VEMIS)

- Provide 3 W

- Organise lessons learned workshops with Provinces and Cluster members

- Distribution coordination for donor school resources and material

Ministry of Agriculture


- Lead and coordinate the FSA Cluster activities

- Conduct and coordinate post disaster sectoral assessment

- Provision of seeds, seedling and planting material to farmers as required

- Assist with farming materials and inputs to farmers as required

- Provision of agricultural personal in location throughout Vanuatu as required

- Determine the need and composition of food rations as required

- Awareness Campaign

- Messaging to the community

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources


- Activate the WASH cluster upon the advice from the NDMO.

- Endorse the humanitarian intervention plan prepared by the WASH cluster.

- Liaise with the ministry on surge capacity when required,

- Lead and coordinate the WASH cluster activities

- Ensure an appropriate coordination with the cluster and with other clusters and other national and international agencies

- Conduct and coordinate post disaster sectoral assessment and provide support to NDMO EOC when required

- Assist the development of the situation report with inputs from the WASH cluster and support the development of the response strategy.

- Provides material support to the affected people

- Provision of WASH NFI

- Provision of safe drinking water

- Enforce water standards with necessary arrangements for monitoring and reporting

- Convene WASH cluster meetings periodically.

- Ensure proper information management procedures are applied.

- Provide WASH input into the Humanitarian Action Plan (HAP)

- Share wash cluster sitrep and response plan to NDMO.

- Provide technical expertise and contribute to design of response interventions, supporting humanitarian partners and implementing where necessary.

- Ensure the safety and security of all staff members and activate the communication tree


For more information on regulatory departments and quality control laboratories’ contact details, please see the following links: 

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