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On June 7th 2016, Turkish government and the United Nations in Turkey, represented by OCHA (Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), signed a deal that simplifies customs procedures in emergencies.  This agreement will allow for the speeding up of the import, export and transit of relief consignments, humanitarian personnel and their equipment in the event of emergencies.

The government has established procedures for the rapid deployment of international aid in emergencies by lowering customs barriers.  The agreement enables U.N. agencies, intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as other humanitarian actors, to quickly agree with the Turkish customs authorities about bringing in relief consignments to save lives and reduce the suffering of affected people in a timely manner.

In the study the governance structure of food quality assurance in Turkey is explained, which includes public, semi-public and private institutes, laws and legislations, policies and research. There are five public and one semi-public institution with relevance to food quality and safety in Turkey.  All UN agencies, NGOs & INGOs are subject to food quality procedures being followed in Turkey.

For more information on regulatory departments and quality control laboratories’ contact details, please see the following links:


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