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Nicaragua Regulatory Departments

In Nicaragua there are instances authorized and able to control various items such as fuel, food, medical supplies, among other regulations. The main public and private entities are presented.

Foreign Ministry: governs requests for duty free import by certifying the applicant organization registered in Nicaragua and has tax-free status, as well as items that are imported as donations.

Ministry of Finance: Issues and approves tax exemption forms obtained in this Ministry. Managing the tariff and customs system. Reviewing requests for waivers and exemptions for diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations, cooperation agencies and implementers of projects financed with resources from international cooperation, as conventions and agreements signed by the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua.

Ministry of Health: Responsible for authorizing the import request humanitarian food and medical supplies by issuing permits for the importation of food and medicine

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Using the General Directorate of Protection and Animal and Plant Health, the Institution guarantees and provides services to veterinary diagnostic laboratories, plant, seed, waste and pollution control pesticides. Administers the national registration and control of agricultural inputs and outputs, toxic, hazardous and other similar substances. Provides sanitary and phytosanitary certificates for imports and exports. Authorizes the request for humanitarian food import burden.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure: The regulator ground transportation nationwide. Administrative body responsible for granting concessions and services in the public transport.

Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MIFIC) has teams of technical scientific laboratory. Through the Food Lab, LABAL, ensures compliance with national and international standards and contributes to quality control and the development of the food industry.

General direction of customs services (DGA) Ensure compliance of national importance and export regulations. Control, collection and control of trade taxes and other revenues whose proceeds according to the customs law.

 Department of Revenue (DGI): corresponds to the direction and under the application of tax and related legislation, authorizing requests and reimbursements of direct and indirect returns for diplomatic missions and consular representatives, international organizations and their representatives taxes, as well as the programs and international cooperation projects financed with external resources.

For information on Nicaragua regulatory departments contact details, please see the following link:

4.1 Nicaragua Government Contact List