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Regulatory Departments

One of the main government bodies that occupies itself with regulatory activities is the Libyan National Centre for Standardization and Metrology (LNCSM), which works under the Ministry of Planning. The centre’s activities include:

  • The preparation, issuing, accrediting, reviewing and quality control of national standards in all fields of products and services, and the dissemination of these standards.
  • The harmonization of Libyan standards with Arab, regional and international specifications, and accreditation of standards issued by Arab, regional or international organizations.
  • Standards coordination between Arab, Regional and international bodies in order to promote the exportation of national goods and products.
  • Expanding the cooperation between Arab, Regional and International bodies, in the fields of common interest.
  • Proposing accreditation of testing facilities and laboratories for testing, inspection, analysis and calibration, inspection offices, and qualifying conformity certificates grantors and following up their performance.
  • Setting and implementing the national metrology system, keeping references of national standards, and developing and accrediting measurements and calibration methods.
  • Preparing a national quality programme that aims to improve the efficiency of public and private production and service institutions, and supervising its implementation.
  • Issuing a Libyan quality mark system specifying relations and organizing the conditions for the permission of its use.

Another governmental entity is the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) which aims to achieve effective administrative control over the executive bodies in the country. It works to ascertain whether they fulfil their responsibilities and duties in terms of the implementation of laws and regulations.

Under the supervision of this authority, the National Food & Drug Control Centre (FDCC) conduct quality controls of food and drugs, and ascertain that all locally produced and imported food and drugs meet the Libyan standard specifications. 

For more information on regulatory departments and quality control laboratories’ contact details, please see the following links: 

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