Chad - 2.1.1 Chad Dry Port of N'Gueli



Port Overview 

Chad’s only port in operation, the Port of N’Gueli is a dry port located at the border between Chad and Cameroon. N’Gueli Port serves as the primary entry point for goods into Chad as it is located less than 15 km away from Chad’s economic center and capital, N’Djamena. The port is primarily operated by Société de Manutention du Tchad (SMT), based on an agreement with the Chadian government. Despite Chad’s dependence on the port, N’Gueli Port has limited infrastructure and truck capacity. In the future, the Chadian government and SMT (a subsidiary of the MSC group after its acquisition from Bollore Africa Logistics) have plans to expand the port and increase its capacity. However, no concrete goals have been established.  


Port Location and Contact 



Province or District 

Chari Bagumi 

Nearest Town or City 

with Distance from Port 


13 km 

Port's Complete Name 

Dry Port of N’Gueli  


N 12.07047 


E 15.057078 

Managing Company or Port Authority 


Société de Manutention du Tchad (SMT) 

Management Contact Person 

Ahmat Abdoulhak (Director of Operations)  

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures 

Ndjamena Hassan Djamous Airport 


Air France, ASKY Airlines, Cameroon Airlines, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Sudan Airlines and Tchadia Airlines (operations are down as of 2022), and Turkish Airlines. 

Port Picture 

1. The Green arrow identifies the warehouse 

2. The red arrow identifies the main handling station 

3. The dark blue arrow identifies the operations building 

4. The light blue arrows identify the main truck parking area  

Description and Contacts of Key Companies 

The Port of N’Gueli is operated by Société de Manutention du Tchad (SMT), a subsidiary of MSC group. At the directive of the Ministry of Finance, the Chadian government and SMT have a signed agreement which designates SMT as the primary authority overseeing the daily operations of the dry port. Chadian government bodies, including Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture, conduct routine checks within the facility. The entire port is insured by SMT. 

For more information on port contacts, please see the following link:  4.3 Port and Waterways Companies Contact List 

Port Performance 

The Dry Port of N’Gueli remains active year-round. On average, the port processes 20,000 shipping containers per year. At times, the port can become severely congested as there is only parking capacity for 250 trucks. Waiting times are dependent on the nature of the cargo being shipped, volume of transporters, and whether transporters have all the necessary documentation needed to complete the process. Put plainly, waiting time can range from 1-2 hours to 2-3 days. During the rainy season, N’Gueli Port can function effectively unless there is severe flooding. In 2022, floods crippled activity within the port and led to slowdowns and limited parking capacity.  

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges 

Handling charges at the Port of N’Gueli are based primarily on the VAT charges administered by Chadian customs. To find information about VAT charges see Section 1.3 Customs Information.  

Port Handling Equipment 




Total Quantity and Capacity Available 

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage 



1: 45-ton capacity 

1: 3-ton capacity 

In decent working condition. Forklifts are well maintained as they are used daily. 

Container Facilities 

At N’Gueli Port, containers are stored in an open parking lot with little coverage from the elements.  

Customs Guidance 

Chad’s Customs Agency (Douane) works in collaboration with SMT to facilitate operations within the port. Douane works in collaboration with a private security company to maintain the structural integrity of the port and to direct transporters where they are supposed to go during the customs process. Customs officers are generally friendly and speak Arabic and French. English speakers are limited.  

For more information on customs in Chad please see the following link: 1.3 Customs Information   

Terminal Information 



Storage Facility at N’Gueli  

At N’Gueli, there is one warehouse available for storage. The facility is well kept and equipped with ventilation, 2 garage doors, security cameras, cement flooring, and smoke detectors. Patrons of N’Gueli Port, however, rarely use the warehouse. As of December 2022, N’Gueli warehouse remains empty and available for rent.  

Storage Type 

Number of Storage Facilities 

Area (m2

Storage Capacity (mt) 

Bagged Cargo 



Port Security 

The Port is guarded by both private security and customs personnel. There are multiple security checkpoints throughout the port which permit unwanted entry. In 2015, security cameras and a cargo scanner were installed on the premises. In the truck parking area, security guards remain on watch and ensure that business runs smoothly.  


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