Afghanistan - 2.3.4 Afghanistan Land Border Crossing of Hairaton(Uzbekistan)


Hairaton is the main entry border point with Uzbekistan. It is an important modular hub, reached by road and railway through the Friendship Bridge, and through river crossing barges across the river Amu Darya.

Mazar is the main city in the district. The distance between Hairaton and Mazar is 76 km on a well-paved road.

Border Crossing Location and Contact

Name of Border Crossing

Afghanistan: Hairaton Border Crossing


Province or District

Surxondaryo Region, Uzbekistan

Balkh Province, Afghanistan

Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing

Mazar (76 km)





Managing Authority / Agency

ASTRAS (a semi government entity in-charge for all imports whether barges, trucks or wagons).

Contact Person

Daily Capacity


The railway reaches Mazar Airport. It was built to be the used for supplying the NATO-ISAF mission in Afghanistan (2001 – 2014). Currently the cargo terminal is in Hairaton.


 The Friendship Bridge is crossed by an average of 100 trucks/day. The Customs offices are at Hairaton. Foreign trucks are requested driver’s visa.


A fleet of four barges with 200 to 400 MT capacity is available. They can carry bulk cargo. There is no Ro-Ro capacity. The barges are used mainly because cost effective in comparison to the truck fees for through the bridge.

Transshipment and Storage 

Transshipment facilities are present at the barge terminal. There are 2 government owned warehouses with a total of 4000 m2 at the terminal.

Customs Clearance

All border crossing points, including Kabul Airport, Hairaton, Torkham, Islamqala, and Spinboldak follow the same customs procedures to allow cargo to enter into Afghanistan. The procedure is to provide the complete set of approved documents from the Customs and Revenue Department main office in Kabul to each entry point upon which access will be granted.

For more information on Customs in Afghanistan, please see the following link: 1.3 Afghanistan Customs Information.

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