4.8 Cote d'Ivoire Railway Company Contact List
Company Physical Address Name & Title Email Phone Number (office) & Fax Number Description of Services


16 BP 1216 Abidjan 16

Director of Transportation

Mr. D. Labourdette


+225 20312060

+225 01010121

Fax: +225 20312096

SITARAIL is a consortium jointly owned by the governments of CI and Burkina Faso which operates both passenger and freight services


16 BP 1216 Abidjan 16

Commercial Director

Mr. Simplice Essoh


+225 20312050

Fax: +225 20216687

Sitarail operates as a private company. The company is strongly embedded in the Bolloré group. The commercial management of Sitarail strongly suggests entrusting customs clearance and forwarding to a company belonging to their group.

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