4.11 Kiribati Additional Services Contact List





Type of Service Company Location(s) Street / Physical Address Name Email Phone Number Phone Number (office) Phone Number (mobile) Fax Number Website   Description of Services Provided
Shipping agents Swire Shipping Tarawa international cargo shipping, freight forwarder and Shipping agent General Manager 26472         international cargo shipping, freight forwarder and Shipping agent
Shipping agents DOJIN (PDL) Tarawa Takoronga, Betio, South Tarawa Manager 25598         Regional Shipping
Shipping agents Coral Ace Shipping Tarawa Coral Ace, Abarao, South Tarawa. Manager 29517 / 22405         Domestic Cargo Ship-ping / Charters
Shipping agents Transam Tarawa (trading as One Stop Shipping Agency) Tarawa Betio

Derek Andrewartha,

General Manager 73060528          
Shipping agents Oceanic Shipping Tarawa Betio, South Tarawa Manager 25050         Domestic cargo shipping / Charters
Ferries to outer islands Coral Ace Shipping Tarawa Domestic cargo shipping / Charters Jeff Jong, Manager 29517 / 22405         Ferries to outer islands cargo & passengers all islands
Ferries to outer islands Kiribati Seas Co. Ltd. Tarawa Betio, next to High Court or  25641         Ferries to outer islands Passenger Only Abaiang
Ferries to outer islands MV Tekinati office Tarawa Located next to High Court, Betio South Tarawa               Ferries to outer islands Cargo & Passenger Butaritari / Makin and charters to other islands.
Ferries to outer islands Oceanic Shipping Tarawa Betio (opposite the Kiribati Protestant Church 25050 Cargo & Passenger all Northern & Southern Gilbert outer islands including Landing Crafts
Ferries to outer islands Lu’s Shipping Tarawa Betio at Betio Mini Market shop     25427       passengers & cargo to all Northern & Southern Gilbert outer islands Ferries to outer islands
Accomodation Betio Lodge  Tarawa Betio, South Tarawa 25377  Accomodation
Accomodation The George Hotel  Tarawa Tatirerei, Betio, South Tarawa 26340         Accomodation
Accomodation Mary’s Motel   Tarawa Capital Bairiki, South Tarawa (close to the wharf) 22227 / 21362 Accomodation
Accomodation Tarawa Boutique Hotel  Tarawa Bairiki Super Mall, Bairiki, South Tarawa 21151 Accomodation
Accomodation The George Bungalows   Tarawa Teaoraereke, South Tarawa  686 22147          Accomodation
Accomodation Tarati Apartments  Tarawa Korobuu, South Tarawa or 26691          
Accomodation Fema Lodge   Tarawa Antenon, South Tarawa 21039  
Accomodation Tabon Te Keekee Eco-Lodge  North Tarawa Abatao, North Tarawa 28399 / 28715 or Accomodation
Accomodation Ocean View Motel   North Tarawa Abaokoro, North Tarawa 73040908 / 73005059         Accomodation
Accomodation Captain Cook Hotel Christmas Island Main Camp, Kiritimati Accomodation
Accomodation Crystal Beach Fishing Lodge Christmas Island Tabwakea, Kiritimati 73067096         Accomodation
Accomodation Dive & Fishing Adventure Lodge Christmas Island London, Kiritimati  73054366         Accomodation
Accomodation Ikari Houe Christmas Island London, Kiritimati 81110 Accomodation
Accomodation Little Flower Corner Guest House Christmas Island London, Kiritimati 81365         Accomodation
Accomodation Mini Kiritimati Hotel Christmas Island London, Kiritimati           Accomodation
Accomodation MA Motel Christmas Island Tennesse, Kiritimati 73054179         Accomodation
Accomodation The Villages Christmas Island Tabwakea, Kiritimati 81348         Accomodation
Accomodation Lagoon View Resort Christmas Island Tabwakea, Kiritimati 78195093 Accomodation
Accomodation Sunset Horizon Fishing Lodge Christmas Island London, Kiritimati 73000175 Accomodation
Boat Charters Kiribati Seas Boat Charters Tarawa Betio, South Tarawa, or 25641         Boat charters
Plane Charters Air Kiribati Tarawa Bairiki, Tarawa CEO (Ms. Teretia)

21188 / 21550  
Travel Agents Maneiko Travel Tarawa  Bairiki (in Supermall at Shop No.22. on 2nd floor, 22154 / 22159         Travel Agents
Travel Agents Pacific Travel Tarawa Mckenzie Pt, Bikenibeu     28834 / 28118 / 22520  
Travel Agents Tobaraoi Travel Tarawa Tobaraoi Building, Bikenibe 28715 / 28258 Travel Agents
Workshop services JMB Enterprises Ltd Christmas Island Main Camp John Bryden           workshop repairs
Storage JMB Enterprises Ltd Christmas Island Main Camp John Bryden           storage
Equipment rentalsincl cars JMB Enterprises Ltd Christmas Island Main Camp John Bryden           rental equipment
Rental Cars Naatua/Ratie Rental Car   73090900       Car rental
Rental Cars Bentii Services Rental     Taburuea Tomataake           Car rental
Rental Cars Kanroy Rental     Mwetaake Anto     73053866       Car rental
Couriers DHL Express - Tarawa Tarawa Tobaraoi Travel, Bikenibeu       28999       Courier services
Couriers DHL Express - Tarawa Christmas Island Tobaraoi Travel Office, London       28999       Courier services
Couriers UPS Fiji Nadi Airport Williams & Gosling Ltd     Fiji  +67 972 0043       Courier services
Postal Service Kiribati Postal Service Kiribati Bairiki, Tarawa   21048       Postal services
Printing Services Government Printing  Tarawa Bairiki, behind the Broadcasting & Publication  Authority (BPA)        21217/ 21163       Printing Services
Financial services ANZ Bank Bairiki, Tarawa Main Street, Bairiki Enquiries     21095 Banking & financial services
Financial services ANZ Bank Christmas Island Main Road, London Enquiries     81224 / 81341 Banking & financial service
Transport Coral Ace Abarao, South Tarawa Jeff Manager/Owner 22405/61384/29517       Side lifter truck & 1-8 ton carriers  
Transport Punjas   South Tarawa Betio Virendra Kumar    25421/72092883 Side lifter truck & 1-8 ton carriers
Transport One Stop   South Tarawa Betio Keke Tamwi           Sidelifter truck. & 1-8 ton carriers
 Plastic Tanks Rotomould (Kiribati) Ltd. South Tarawa Bairiki   22544       Manufacture of plastic  (PVC) water tanks
Chamber Of Commerce Kiribati Chamber Of Commerce   South Tarawa Betio     26351 Names and contact of members and the services they offer

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