3.6 Zambia Additional Service Providers


The market in Zambia can support most organisations' operations.  Most requirements are available on the local markets or there is an ability to acquire the service within the region.  In terms of the distribution network, Zambia has an advantageous position in the region because its versatile supply chain networks.

For more information on company contact details, please see the following link: 4.11 Zambia Additional Services Contact List.


Accommodation is readily available throughout the country, though in the most rural areas there are fewer choices. 

Electricity and Power

Zambia has a wide range of energy resources, particularly woodlands and forests, hydropower, coal and renewable sources of energy. Petroleum is the only energy source that is currently wholly imported. Hydro power is the most important energy source in the country after wood fuel, contributing about 10 percent to the national energy supply, and is generated by three major hydro-electric power stations. Additional hydro-electric power stations are being constructed at Kafue Gorge and more northern blocks are yet to be obtained.  Other energy resources are petroleum, coal and wood. The state-owned Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) is the main producer and distributor of electricity in the country.

The company’s transmission system comprises a total of 4,638 kilometers (km) of transmission lines spread as follows: 2,008 km of 330 kilo Volt (kV) lines, 348 km of 220 kV, 85 km of 132 kV, 704 km of 88 kV, and 2,823 km of 66 kV lines. The total transformer installed capacity is about 3,000 Mega Volt Amps.  

There have not been any major additions to the country’s generation capacity in the last 20-30 years despite the huge potential in hydro resources. It is estimated that Zambia possesses 40 percent of the water resources in the Southern African Development Community. Zambia has about 6,000 MW of unexploited hydro power potential, while only about 2, 259 MW is the current installed capacity. On the other hand, the demand for power in the various sectors of the economy has grown rapidly over the years and continues to grow. Demand for electricity continued to increase to 2400 MW through 2015 creating a deficit of more than 550MW. Electricity is imported from Malawi for the eastern areas of the country.

Electricity accounts for approximately 14% of the country’s energy supply mix, ranking second to wood fuel. As at March 2016, total World Bank investment commitment to the sector stood at US$165million in two projects: Kafue Town – Muzuma – Victoria Falls Regional Transmission Line Reinforcement

Project that aims improving the reliability and capacity for regional power trade in ZESCO’s southern network; and the Lusaka Transmission and Distribution Rehabilitation Project that will increase capacity and improve reliability for the transmission and the distribution network in and around Lusaka. (World Bank)

Financial Service Providers

Financial services in Zambia are widespread throughout the country and limited only by connectivity and electricity.  Main headquarters of all the institutions are in Lusaka.

Clearing and Forwarding Agents

There are a number of companies in Zambia that offer freight forwarding services.  It is important to identify those that can ensure electronic services at all border points to meet the ZRA requirements for e-payments, pre-registration, alerts and clearance.  Bollore Logistics, and AMI Worldwide (Manica), to name a couple meet these specifications.   

Postal and Courier Services

National postal service is functional.  Courier services for all the main international courier service providers are present in Lusaka.

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