3.6 Bolivia Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other Markets

Bolivia Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other Markets

There are many markets for the supply of food in the country, from community markets (fairs) with agricultural production of the area to local markets in the city and suburbs with varied products for family supply, through marketers by product, supermarket chains with national and imported products and distributors shops by outsourcing of specific products produced by domestic companies.

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Main Food Suppliers

Depending on the volume of the product, the supply may be directly from the producing company.
In terms of processed and non-processed food products such as wheat flour, maize, beans, sugar and rice, there is availability of private trading companies and volumes that cover internal requirements, by domestic production supply or import usually from neighboring countries.
The National Government makes imports of food products through EMAPA (Food Production Support Company (Empresa de Apoyo a la Producción de Alimentos) and Insumos Bolivia; both institutions regulate and control domestic demand and avoid price speculation in the market.
In relation to compound flour with the addition of micronutrients, nutritional products made or ready for consumption, there are local firms that comply with the required standards and reliability, but in a small number.

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There is a wide range from 5-star hotels, to accommodations with minor services, but with capacity to accommodate a good number of people and which meet safety conditions.

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Additional Operational Support

The market responds to specific requirements for the operational support of Agencies of the United Nations System, in office equipment (furniture, computers, information technology equipment) and for Projects in agricultural equipment, construction, vehicles for light and heavy work.

There are commercial enterprises, legally established in the country and with representation in the capitals of departments, representing international companies, with inventories of materials and equipment available for immediate delivery.

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