Solomon Islands
3.5.2 Solomon Islands Additional Suppliers


There is no manufacturing or local production in the Solomon Islands. Wholesalers in this country operate a little above retail level and generally in smaller household type commodities to the level of mid size hardware stores. Items such as tents, office equipment, water pumps, pipes tools etc are all available in Honiara but in limited quantities. Very few of these items are available outside the capital Honiara.

All goods are imported via sea or air transport. Closest major trading partners are Australia and New Zealand.

There are no suppliers present for local purchase/procurement at the manufacturing/production and wholesale levels  

For more information on suppliers’ contact details, please see the following link: 4.9 Solomon Islands Additional Service Provision Contact List 


Disclaimer: Inclusion of company information in the LCA does not imply any business relationship between the supplier and WFP / Logistics Cluster, and is used solely as a determinant of services, and capacities.

Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.



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