3.5 Zambia Food and Additional Suppliers

Food suppliers are plentiful in Zambia.  However, for blended food or milled food, fortifications are not normally part of the production process.  Oil, sugar, maize and pulses are easily obtained.  There is a capacity issue with regards to large scale up of requirements and careful attention to the markets is required.  Maize is readily available and a major export.

Generic country information can be located from sources which are regularly maintained and reflect current facts and figures. For a general overview of country data related to the service and supply sectors, please consult the following sources:

The Observatory of Economic Complexity – MIT (OEC): (


Disclaimer: Inclusion of company information in the LCA does not imply any business relationship between the supplier and WFP / Logistics Cluster, and is used solely as a determinant of services, and capacities.

Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.

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