Saudi Arabia
3.5 Saudi Arabia Food and Additional Suppliers

In 2019 Saudi Arabia was the number 18 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$), the number 26 in total exports, the number 32 in total imports, the number 43 economy in terms of GDP per capita (current US$) and the number 33 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). The top exports of Saudi Arabia are Crude Petroleum ($145B), Refined Petroleum ($21.8B), Ethylene Polymers ($11.1B), Propylene Polymers ($5.88B), and Acyclic Alcohols ($4.28B), exporting mostly to China ($45.8B), India ($25.1B), Japan ($24.5B), South Korea ($19.5B), and United States ($12.2B). In 2019, Saudi Arabia was the world's biggest exporter of Crude Petroleum ($145B), Ethylene Polymers ($11.1B), Propylene Polymers ($5.88B), Acyclic Alcohols ($4.28B), and Ammonia ($1.78B).

The top imports of Saudi Arabia are Cars ($12.5B), Broadcasting Equipment ($4.1B), Refined Petroleum ($3.87B), Packaged Medicaments ($2.95B), and Telephones ($2.5B), importing mostly from China ($26.5B), United Arab Emirates ($17.9B), United States ($13.4B), Germany ($7.08B), and Japan ($6.55B). In 2019, Saudi Arabia was the world's biggest importer of Armored vehicles ($1.87B), Iron Reductions ($1.33B), Tug Boats ($889M), Sheep and Goats ($641M), and Nutmeg, mace and cardamoms ($195M).

The Observatory of Economic Complexity – MIT (OEC):


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