3.4 Haiti Manual Labor

Labour is regulated by the Haitian Labor Code. A minimum wage is not always respected as controls are non-existent. UN agencies and NGOs often pay warehouse workers at a per MT rate, instead of a daily rate. The rate varies among organisations and changes subject to inflation, security and other factors. The information in the table below reflects the rate of July 2022 as a reference only.

Type of labour

Local Currency


Daily general worker (unskilled casual worker)

770 GDES/day

5 to 7 USD/day(minimum wage, WFP and NGOs tend to pay more)

Daily general worker (semi-skilled)

Warehouse workers – 1250 GDES/day – 140 GDES/MT

Warehouse workers:10 to 12 USD/day - 1.25 USD/MT

Skilled labour



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