3.3 Tuvalu Manual Labour

There is a good supply of manual labour. The overseas seafarers are well represented by their union of the same name, however there is little in the way of union activity for casual labour on land. 

There is no rate for semi-skilled laborers, just a starting rate for skilled and unskilled casuals. The rates used by Public Works Department (PWD) depends on the type of work that they do.  

There is no minimum wage in Tuvalu, although the Department of Labour is in the process of organizing dialogues with partners to set two minimum wage rates, i.e., 1 for Government, the other for the private sector. 

For information on the Labour & Employment Relations Act you can find details here: https://tuvalu-legislation.tv/cms/images/LEGISLATION/PRINCIPAL/2017/2017-0014/LabourandEmploymentRelationsAct2017_1.pdf  


Labour Rate(s) Overview 


(Local Currency & USD - $) 

Rate as of October 2022 

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour) 

AUD$3.99 is the starting rate for unskilled casual laborers (US$ 2.65) 

Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour) 

AUD$3.99 - $5.00 (US$2.65 - $3.30) 

Skilled Worker 

AUD$5.04 is the starting rate for skilled workers (US$3.35) 


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