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3.3 Tanzania Manual Labour

Manual labour is submitted to the Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004 which serves as a frame of reference for workers’ security. The average daily remuneration in Tanzania is 10,000 TSH. This rate varies in function of the goods, weather condition and type of work. Also, night work should be paid at the premium rate of 5%, according to the Tanzanian law. The manual labour has no provision for holidays.

According to the law, the minimum rates for casual unskilled workers have been fixed at TSH 3,816.45 (USD 1.69). As per the government wages order GN196 issued in June 2013 (not revised up to now), there is no specific rate for skilled and semi-skilled workers. The two are being controlled by the market force.

The table below shows average rates. The rates scale may considerably vary in terms of the sector. The different categories and the minimum wages are available on this website: https://africapay.org/tanzania/home/salary/minimum-wages

Labour Rate(s) Overview


Daily average cost
(Local Currency &USD - $)

Rate as of JUNE 2013

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour)

TSH 5,000 (USD 2.22)


Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour)

TSH 10,000 (USD 4.44)


Skilled Worker

TSH 15,000 (USD 6.66)


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