3.3 Sudan Manual Labour

Manual labour is readily available in country. Trade Unions are present throughout Sudan, and usually in each big town there are different sub-sectors divided by geographical areas, responding to the union of the town. There are no particular constraints related to manual labour in Sudan. Here below an average cost of manual labour in Sudan.  

In Port Sudan, labour is engaged through the Labour unions at the port. Norms and rules are agreed in advance for the handling of specific commodities, and rates are linked to cargo characteristics. In order to expedite daily payments, per diem wages are paid to the labour through the Unions; the Union charges an additional 20% facilitation fee, to ensure that there are no delays in paying daily wages at the end of a shift. 

Labour Rate(s) Overview (as of September 2016) 


Cost (Local Currency & USD - $) 

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour) 

25 SDG/mt  

3.7 $/mt  

Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour) 

53 SDG/mt 

7.9 $/mt 

Skilled Worker 

70 SDG/mt 







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