Saudi Arabia
3.3 Saudi Arabia Manual Labour

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development was established under the Royal Decree issued in the last month of 1380H under the name of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Since its inception, the Ministry has promoted the development of local communities and has taken care of community committees, provincial councils, centres, and its consolidation with three objectives:

  • To formulate the general policy for social and labor affairs in the Kingdom within the values, principles and systems of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Project planning and implementation.
  • To participate in guiding the social development in the Kingdom in a balanced direction aimed to raise the awareness of the citizens, improving their standard of living and creating the elements of a decent life within their spiritual and moral values and supporting them to build an integrated society.

The Saudi Labour law

The Implementing Regulations of Labour Law and its Annexes

Labour Rate(s) Overview as of January 2022



Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour)

1250 SRL – 330 USD

Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour)

4500 SRL – 1200 USD

Skilled Worker

6000 + SRL – +1600 USD

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