3.3 Dominica Manual Labour


According to the World Bank's Enterprise Surveys, Dominica lacks of an adequately trained labour force and has low participation rate of women in the workforce as hindrances not only to business development in the private sector but also to the advancement of the economy as a whole. There are over five trade unions within Dominica, with the major examples being the Dominica Amalgamated Workers’ Union (DAWU), Dominica Trade Union (DTU) and Dominica Waterfront & Allied Workers’ Union (WAWU). There is no Trade Union Congress in the country at present, though there are calls for one to be founded. The Trade Union Act of 1952 is the primary piece of legalisation on trade unions, which provides for the protection, registration and code of ethics of all union organisations. All workers have the legal right to organize, to choose their representatives, and to strike, but unions represent less than 10% of the work force.


Labour Rate(s) Overview


(Local Currency & USD - $)

Rate as of 2018

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour)

50 XCD / 19 USD

Jun / 2018

Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour)

70 XCD / 26 USD

Jun / 2018

Skilled Worker

100 XCD / 37 USD

Jun / 2018




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