Burkina Faso
3.3 Burkina Faso Manual Labour

Manual Labor is available within all the country and can be implemented through different channels like a private logistics company, a job center agency or inclusive with a service agreement. This service is usually contracted on daily basis for warehousing operations with a flat rate charged per ton or per unit and according to the type of operation. Additional costs can occur such like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment e.g. helmet, closed shoes, gloves, etc), liability insurance or a supervisor. To ensure a permanent manual labour service, it is recommended to implement a long-term agreement which also provides an advantage to maintain the same workers deployed in the warehouse.

Labor Rate(s) Overview as of June 2020

(Rate is indicative only and subject to change)

Food Items

Cost (Local Currency & USD - $)[1]

Loading/Offloading sack

25kg /50kg/80kg (rice, corn, sesame…)

1000 FCFA (1.81 US$) / ton

Loading/Offloading carton or can

5kg to 25kg (oil…)

50 FCFA (0.091 US$) / unit

Loading/Offloading carton or can
25kg to 50kg (oil…)

100 FCFA (0.018 US$) / unit

Repacking sack or carton

200 FCFA (0.36 US$) / unit


1000 FCFA (1.81 US$) / ton

Non-Food Items


Construction materials, equipment, tools etc.

Specialized equipment such as forklift are available on the local market and hired either per hour or on daily basis. Rate depends on the lifting capacity required (from 2.5 MT to 15 MT) and starts from 40 000 CFA/hour or 125 000 CFA/day for a 2.5MT/4MT forklift.



500 FCFA / hour

Shifting items within the warehouse

1000 FCFA (1.81 US$) / ton

Shifting items between warehouses

1000 FCFA (1.81 US$) / ton

Transshipment (truck)

1000 FCFA (1.81 US$) / ton

For more information on company contact details, please see the following link: 4.11 Additional Services Contact List.

[1] Exchange rate 1US$ = 552,45 FCFC (BCAO, 8/09/2021)

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