3.2 Somalia Transporters

Somalia Transporters

Local transport- buses, mini-buses, trucks and hired taxis are available for local commuting or for traveling from one city to another. Travelling by road can be dangerous and tedious since major parts of roads are unpaved. There are not many local notable transport companies with a significant number of trucks, however there are a few private companies. Somali Transport Co-operatives are the major players; they are reliable and trusted in Mogadishu, and have offices in the sea port.

All trucks that are under this cooperative are coded “PL” and small transporters depend on this cooperative except a few potential transport companies such as Trans-ocean and Alpha Logistics.
In Southern Somalia, trucks of 10 – 30 mt are mostly used in Somalia but in some occasions they are converted so as to carry more payloads, in addition to their designed loading capacity. Nevertheless, the new government of Somalia is trying to standardize the capacity of the trucks by banning the overloading that is beyond the rated capacity.

Estimated capacity at Mogadishu is around 36,000 mt of varying trucks capacities between 15 – 40 mt. There is a floating pool of over 2,200 trucks. The majority of the trucks are more than 20 years old and in poor condition with high running costs. Lately there has been a slight improvement in the capacity and condition of trucks in and around Mogadishu due to arrival of trucks purchased from Kenya and the UAE. Gradual changes being observed in the number of foreign transport companies operating in Somalia shows an increase but with special joint venture arrangements with local Somali businessmen or local companies that provide services in similar fields.

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