3.2 Mozambique Transporters

Mozambique Transporters

Regional round-trip transit times: Lilongwe = 8 days, Blantyre = 6 days, Lusaka = 8 days, Harare = 3 days… these are estimates and providing there are no border crossing/clearance delays. Routings to Malawi ex- Beira: Blantyre is best via Milange (Mulanje) and Lilongwe is best via Tete and Calomue (Dedza). The Tete Bridge crossing rate for trucks is MZN 800 (US $23) for north-bound traffic only but delays can be as long as 4 days due to lane closures from maintenance. The new Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge over the lower Zambezi at Caia has the same rates but without any delays

4.7 Mozambique Transporter Contact List

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