3.2 Djibouti Transporters

Djibouti Transporters

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4.8 Djibouti Transporter Contact List

With the exception of transport activities around Djibouti city, the inland local market is an industry restricted by monopolies and political and area specific factors, therefore making it impossible for WFP to set up a transport network based on the best possible transport services acquired through a competitive bid system.
From the past years’ experience, the constraints of the inland transport from Djibouti city to/within district level can be categorized as follows:

  • Weak transport capacity.
  • Transport monopoly at district level (absence of competition)
  • High transport rates.
  • Absence of knowledge or resources (financial/workshops, equipment, spare parts) to properly manage transport activities.
  • Participation of government institutions in the transport business (preventing external competitors to operate) under the policy umbrella aiming to develop local/district level transport industry.

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